Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Ward Equals New Calling...

Our whole entire stake was reorganized about a month ago. When we first found out about it, I was okay. I told Marcus I would be fine as long as one of my good friends was still in our ward. I tried to keep an open mind and look at the bright side of things. When we went to the realignment meeting, I left a little sad. The one person I REALLY wanted to see in church every week wouldn't be in our ward any longer. (so sad) I was still trying to keep an open mind. I had other good friends that I was still going to see every Sunday and we would get through this together. (Yes, I know I shouldn't be going to church for the socializing, but it sure helps and is lots of fun.)

I have to be honest, the first week in our new ward sucked!! I think most of it was my attitude, but I didn't leave feeling like I should after church was over. The new ward was basically an all ready established ward with eight new families thrown in the mix. All the families were from my old ward; so it was us versus them. I had different expectations than I probably should have. The next week wasn't so great either so I was just trying to get through my Sundays and be okay with it. Emma and Christian all ready make church difficult. My little ones are demons in Sacramant meeting. If I would have let myself, it would have been easy to not go as often as I know I should. Obviously there is someone who knows things better than I do.

I got a call from one of the counselors in our new Bishopric and he wanted to come over to our house that night. I knew exactly why he is coming; I just wasn't sure what the call would be. I was afraid it would be Nursery or Primary. Under any other circumstances I wouldn't mind being in either of those callings, but in a new ward and not knowing anyone, I didn't want to get put somewhere that I couldn't meet others in the ward. Turns out, it wasn't either of those.

I am now the Mia Maids Advisor in our Young Womens and I absolutely love it. The other ladies are awesome and the girls are really nice. I think it is going to be great. I only have to teach once a month..which will still be hard for me since I don't teach, but it's better then every week. Awhile ago, Marcus and I were suppose to teach a Sunday School class for the Young Single Adults. Marcus taught every week and I just sat there and looked cute. So teaching is stepping way out of my comfort zone, but I think I will survive. I also have to talk at my nephew's baptism on Saturday, so my fear of public speaking is being dealt with...whether I like it or not.
Marcus also got a call...but it was from the Stake President and my lips are sealed...for now.

So now I like our new'll still take awhile to get completely comfortable and hopefully we can make good friends in the new ward and I'll have to be content seeing Savannah's cute head during her Sacrament. :)


Tara L. said...

HI Monica, I found your blog from Kim's. This is Tara Spendlove. You have such a cute little family. Our stake was just reorganized too so I know how you feel. Congratulations on your new calling. Keep in touch.

Dallin and Savannah said...

This was a sappy had post. I'm happy to be loved :), but sad that I don't get to see your cute head with cute haircut in our sacrament meeting, happy that you got a fun great new calling, but sad that I'm not serving with you, and happy that you don't have to teach every Sunday, but sad that I miss Emma spilling sippies and Christian revolting...definately need some Monica time here!

Wonderland Pearls & Purses said...

Hi, Monica. I have learned having moved serveral times that I have to RELAX and give myself at least a year to feel connected to any new ward. I found that when I didn't just expect to love it and really put my own effort into getting to know everyone it really helped. :) Callings help tons too.