Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tilipia with Pineapple Mango Salsa...

I like to pretend I can cook. (Pretend being the key word there). When I find easy recipes, I refer to them a lot. I have a handful of recipes that seem more complicated, but are really easy, like embarrassingly easy.

One of those recipes is Tilapia with Pineapple Mango Salsa.

and oh so easy

All the ingredients you need for the salsa:

Red Onion
Pineapple (fresh or canned)

Chop up your cilantro.
I don't measure anything in this recipe. Normally I have to have the exact measurements for everything. Not this time..trial and error and make to your liking...

Chop up your red onion. I'm not a huge fan of onions so I don't use a whole onion most of the time. I also like to make the pieces smaller so they aren't completely over powering.

Chop up your pineapple. You can use canned or fresh pineapple. In my opinion, canned is better. It's easier than cutting up a whole pineapple. If you have the time and patience, fresh is good too.

I make my husband peel and cut up the mango. For some reason, the mango and I don't get along. I usually use two mango since they don't have a very powerful taste.

Slice up your tomatoes...for some reason, I didn't take a picture of that step, but I'm sure you get it..

Mix everything together and squeeze a lime over all over it. If you are wimp like me, you have to use two hands to squeeze half a lime. (time to hit the gym)

I think it's fine without salt, but my husband has to put salt on everything...

Put the salsa in the fridge for awhile to let it sit.

When you are ready to finish making the meal, cook your fish in a bit of Olive Oil.
I usually just use salt and pepper to season the fish.
You don't want a lot of seasoning because of the salsa.

And Wham!!

Finished Product...
I usually serve this dish with rice.

There is always salsa left over and it is delish with chips. I usually add a jalapeno to the salsa when we eat it that way. Oh so yummy!!


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Friday, July 08, 2011

Friday Confessional...

I haven't done this in a long time...but I have something I have to get off my chest...


I Confess:

I recently ended an unhealthy relationship. It was pretty much one sided...almost emotionally abusive.

I Confess:

I felt good about it at first. I was strong and never looked back. I knew I had done the right thing for myself.

I Confess:

The other day, I was weak. I went back. And now I regret it. Just like last time, I was left feeling empty and everything that went bad in our relationship was my fault.

I Confess:

I plan on keeping up the affair. Not letting anyone else know I am still involved. Knowing the outcome isn't going to be good, but hoping the outcome is different; better, more loving...

I Confess:

I want to be strong. I want to be brave. But a girl has needs...and those needs can only be met by certain things....even if it is an abusive relationship.

Say hello to my abusive partner:
My bathroom scale.

I put it away months ago because I got tired of stepping on it every morning and letting three numbers affect my day the way they did. Then I got it out last week, and I've been going back for more and more..

I confess:

Maybe someday I will be strong enough to live without it. But for now, I will continue to pretend I don't care what it says. It can't hurt me more than it all ready has...

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Life has taken over and we have been running around like crazy!!!

Jet skiing, trips to Manti, Birthday parties, Princess Festival, trips to the ER, working full time, being a mom...can I have a pause button please?! (oh!! and my dishwasher has been broken for way too long and for some reason, I seem to be the only one who knows how to wash dishes...)

I have lots of updates and awesome pictures. Even a story of my four year old giving herself a partial tonsillectomy. But not now...I have two kids yelling "MOM!" "MOM!"

PS....typing up the title to the post, I hit a few too many keys and it originally said Busty! Busty! Busty! That's a whole different post for a different time!!