Monday, October 06, 2008

What Do You Do All Day???

I was asked this question awhile ago by someone who is missing the filter. You know, the filter that 99% of the human population has that filters out the things that probably shouldn't be said out loud to others. This particular person was born without this filter. Some of the things that spew from this person's mouth are unbelievable. When I was asked what it is that I do all day, I am pretty sure this person didn't mean it the way that I, and the others around me, took it. But I took it personally and thought, "How dare you ask me this? Do you not get that I am insanely busy with kids, housework, three businesses, etc, etc?" I got very angry and held a grudge towards this person...many other things have also been said by this person that have added to my hard feelings, but honestly, I am working on getting over them. It's not worth being angry and upset.
So I have been thinking a lot lately on what exactly it is that I do all day. I think I got so upset by this particular question because it called me out on something I have been struggling with. I need and want to spend more time with Christian and Emma just playing and having fun. I am constantly worrying about cleaning the house, making sure the laundry is done and trying to lead the picture perfect life. You know what, I am not June Cleaver. I would love it if I could be, but I am tired of feeling like I am failing as a wife, mother and homemaker. I can only try to do better....I would be content with being June Cleaver's distant cousin.
I have (hopefully) come up with a system that will that allow me to get my work stuff done, keep the house in semi-decent shape but also allow me more play time with the little ones.
During this past weekend's General Conference session, the prophet even talked about not worrying about fingerprints on clean surfaces, toy scattered across the floor; all that will be gone too soon. I need to focus on enjoying my children while they are young and actually like me and not worrying if my vacuum lines aren't straight...yes, that really is a concern of mine. :) Instead of looking forward to Emma's nap time to get house projects done, I need to look forward to Emma's nap time to play with Christian and do the things he wants to do. I don't think my transition will be 100% smooth, but I owe it to my family to try.
The next time someone asks me "So, what do you do all day?" I can answer proudly, "I play with my babies and love every minute of it."


Brynn said...

You are an inspiration girl! Rock on!

JeffandAngel said...

WOW...the sad part is that I can guess who said the comment! I have had the honor of non-filter comments as well! Anyway, your house is always perfect and your kids are amazing, I think that you deserve a little time to do the things you want because all who know you know that you are always giving to those around you first and yourself last. Good luck and don't let the filterless people of the world get you down :}