Monday, April 23, 2007


Yes, my ankles are swelling. And yes, my stupid husband made me change the name of my blog to keep me honest.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand...

I haven't been too excited in the past about this new business venture Marcus has chosen to take on. We had our first actual photo shoot on Friday. It was a lot of fun and very profitable. I enjoyed helping at the shoot much more then doing restaurant stuff. I am still a little hesitant of opening a new business so close to the due date of the baby, but if it goes as well as our first shoot, things could be okay. Here is proof that we like to torture small children and helpless animals. (These are few samples of test shoots that Marcus has done.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Five...I Mean, Ten Questions Answered

So my sister is the one to blame..err..thank for introducing me to blogs. It started with just this one Dooce and then became many more. One of the blogs I like more then some others is Whoorl. She had five interview questions one day as her post. I wanted to play along. This are the ones she sent me:

1. What is the last thing you do before getting into bed at night?
I have a whole routine I do before I can actually get into bed each night. But the very last thing I do each night is TRY to get comfort. Franco helps out a lot. (Franco is my new best friend.) Marcus gave me Snoogle Total Body Pillow for Christmas. I have named him Franco because according to my husband, Franco gets more action then he does now that I am pregnant. I have to adjust myself and my pillow at least three times before I can try to go to sleep.

2. Do you like beer? If so, what is your favorite kind?
Mom-STOP READING NOW!!! I have tried beer...once. That is all it took. That stuff is nasty and smelling. So, my answer would have to be NO!
Okay, Mom you can read again.

3. If you had to move to Europe, what country would you live in and why?
Considering my history with geography, I am hesitant to answer this question. (Yes, I now know you can drive to Alaska, regardless what the maps show.) I would like to live in France. Don't really have a reason, that is just one country I know for a fact is in Europe.

4. Doughnuts or pancakes?
Right now I would like either. I am not a huge fan of pancakes normally, but being pregnant I eat lots in general. Now I really want a doughnut.

5. Who is your favorite artist and/or musician? Why?
I don't really have one. I change my tastes so frequently that I never really have a chance to choose a favorite.

Then I had to play with my sister. She asked:

1. What is your favorite book? Why?
I would love to be able to give some smart answer or say one of the books I read in AP English was my favorite, but I would be lying. The one book that changed my life and I still have to this day is The Berenstein Bears and the Messy Room. Okay, take a minute and finish laughing and I will explain why. Are you all better now? Here goes: this book is what I have to blame on me becoming an organized neat freak. I loved the end of the book and the pictures they showed of the organized peg board and all the labeled boxes. I thought, "I want that kind of room!" So now I am a freak that way. Stupid? Yes, I know.

2. What one food could you not live without?
This is another hard one to answer at the moment. Right now I really want a strawberry shake that Marcus said he would make me but hasn't done it yet. Being pregnant I just love food. There are three things that the very thought of make me sick, but other then that I just love food.

3. Beach or Mountains? long as I had a flushing toilet.

4. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
I have finally accepted the fact that because of circumstances beyond my control, I will never move anywhere outside of my "leash" limits. We are stuck where we are. Visiting my sister in Virginia and going on business trips with Marcus has taught me that shopping in Utah isn't really shopping. I would love to move somewhere where shopping was real shopping.

5. Who is someone you greatly admire? Why?
There are a few people who fall into this list. Marcus is towards the top of this list. He goes after what he wants and doesn't let other people's opinions stop him. He has now successfully opened two different businesses. He succeeds at anything he puts his mind too.

And a BONUS question just for you!!!!Who is your very most favorite sister ever???
I have always wanted a younger could have been her. HEHEHE. YOU, of course!!

That was much harder then I thought it would be. Maybe I can get that strawberry shake now.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

At Least I am Honest...

I haven't updated in forever. I have had plenty of ideas and things I have thought about writing, but I just haven't. I could say that we have had a lot of stuff going on. We had two child preparation classes that we went to last week. One was breastfeeding and the other was childbirth preparation. The breastfeeding class was very informational and I actually learned a lot. It didn't really calm any of my fears, but we'll see what happens. The other class had a lot of good information, but didn't calm my fears either. The thought of giving birth scares me to death.
I could also say that Easter kept us busy. We had a good day with family and lots of candy. I will admit it, I ate all of Christian's peeps....oopsy. We had an Easter egg/candy hunt at Marcus' mom's house with all his family. I also had a really good nap on Jean's couch while the kids and Marcus played in the teepee that Jean has in her backyard.
I could also blame it on the fact that we now officially have two businesses. I would like to think that I have Charley's and Marcus does doesn't work that way. I have to do things for his photography business as well. So I feel a little overwhelmed at times. I could also blame it on being too busy chasing Christian around or running the girls to something different every single day.
See, there are a lot of things I could technically blame for me not updating more frequently. But it all comes down to one thing; I am just too darn lazy. It requires a lot of energy to make my fingers push the buttons and form words which are suppose to make sense. (half the time they don't.) I am too tired half the time to even think straight, let alone make sense when I write things down. I will try to get better...I remember saying this before. It didn't work that time, why should I think I'll do better this time? Okay, I'm not going to lie...I will write when I feel like it. No more, no less.