Monday, November 27, 2006

It's Officially Over

Happy Barenaked Giving is now officially over. I had a very good weekend. Marcus, Christian and I drove back from Vernal on Friday. That trip gets longer and longer every time. Friday was my birthday and the girls came over to help celebrate it. Christian, Jessica, Taylor, and Marcus gave me a really cool basket stocked full of fun stuff. Christian stayed with a babysitter and the rest of us went to the Jazz/Laker game. It was really fun and a great game. Jazz won!! We got really good seats from Marcus' work. We all got new Jazz shirts to wear for the season. Then on Saturday, Marcus and I went to Gardner Village where we got massages, had lunch and did some shopping. It was so nice and relaxing after a crazy weekend. When we got home, we rested for awhile and then we went Christmas shopping. We are almost done and that is a good feeling. (done with the kids anyway. I haven't even began for anybody else yet.) Technically, Sunday should have been included in our little Happy Barenaked Giving weekend, but Sunday was a sick day. All during all the activities the past few days, I feel okay. I only had to use one of my really expensive drugs. (I spent $100 on four pills. I have two left. They are the best things in the world!!) Then on Sunday, I felt horrible. So luckily, all the fun activities were done and I could just lay around and sleep all day on Sunday. Now are little weekend is over and it's back to reality; back to work, back to cleaning, back to feeling sick everyday. We are going to be decorating for Christmas this week so hopefully I can stop worshipping the porcelain God long enough to make the house look good. Hopefully with some holiday decorating I can get in the Christmas spirit and enjoy the holidays.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Barenaked Giving

Wednesday officially began our "Happy Barenaked Giving" weekend. There are quite a few things going on this weekend, and that title pretty much sums everything up. Wednesday we went to the Barenaked Ladies Concert in SLC. We met up with an old friend of Marcus' and went to dinner with them. The concert was really good. We got home extra late and had to get up extra early to leave for Vernal for Thanksgiving. We drove to Vernal early this morning and Christian was miserable. He doesn't do well on that long trip. We had a nice dinner with my family and just lounged around all day. Christian decided to get sick today and we have to watch him extra close to make sure he doesn't have a seizure today. So far, so good. We have to leave pretty early in the morning to get back home. Tomorrow is my birthday and we have tickets to the Jazz and Lakers game. Then on Saturday, Marcus has more plans for my birthday, but won't tell me what. Busy weekend, but lots of fun.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Scary Old Man

Merry Christmas! Christian is showing us his holiday spirit.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Originally Said I Wasn't Complaining....

Whenever I didn't feel good, I would always start out by saying, "I'm not complaining but..." This time I am complaining....Hardcore!!! This past week has been the hardest week probably of my life. To spare everyone all the details, here is the last week and a half in a nutshell:

Thursday, Marcus and I went to the ER. I was having horrible pain and I was sure I was losing the baby. It was horrible. We saw my OB/GYN, and thankfully, the baby was fine. So then we were back to square one. I was still in horrible pain, but knowing the baby was fine made things so much easier. So we stayed in the ER for seven hours that day and then they wanted us to come back at 7:00 am the next morning. The Dr. was afraid it was my appendix, but because I was pregnant, they couldn't do a CT scan to make certain. So we came back the next morning and they hooked me up to more IV's because I was so dehydrated. The surgeon observed me all day and then decided later that night I needed to have surgery to remove my appendix. He basically told us if we waited and my appendix burst, we would lose the baby. If we went ahead and had the surgery, there was still a possibility of losing the baby. How in the world do we make that kind of choice? It was very hard and an emotional time, but I know now that we made the right decision. I went into surgery about five o'clock on Friday. My parents came out to help with Christian. I owe them big time. I came home from the hospital on Saturday morning and was just miserable. I was in pain from the surgery and then still sick with "normal" pregnancy issues. We went to see my OB/GYN on Tuesday to check the baby. Everything was fine with the baby but I was dehydrated. So back in the hospital for us. We had to stay there long enough to go through two bags of fluid. Since I was so dehydrated it went by pretty quickly. Marcus thankfully took the whole week off to help out; I owe him big time. I was slowly starting to feel better and even went with Marcus to Target for half on hour on Friday. Then that night I got so sick. Yah, I got the flu too. Go figure. Luckily, it only lasted for 24 hours and now on Sunday, I am feeling better. Not great, but I am slowly on the mend. So I figure everything happened all at the same time, the rest of the pregnancy is going to be smooth sailing. (Hopefully anyway)

I guess that wasn't really "in a nutshell" but it was a lot shorter then my original post I was going to put up. There are a lot of people I need to make thank you cards for now with all their help with Christian and bringing us dinner. I am going to be in Marcus' debt forever. I ran the poor guy ragged this past week. He is going back to work tomorrow, which to be honest, freaks me out. I still can't lift Christian for another week, so we'll see how we do. So yah, I am done saying I am not complaining...But personally, I think I have every right to...considering.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Baby Has a Heart!!!

Marcus and I went to the doctor yesterday and we were able to hear the baby's heartbeat!!! I have never had the opportunity to hear anything like that before. It was so amazing!!!! After our little scare this past weekend, being able to see and hear the baby made me feel so much better. I am now a lot more calm about the whole thing then I have been since we found out we were pregnant. The official due date is June 10, 2007. As long as we don't have the baby on the 14th, we are good. (We don't want to steal Madeleine's thunder.) The doctor has had me come in every two weeks, but now doesn't have me coming back for four, so he is optimistic things are going to be just fine.

Now I feel like I can start making plans and getting ideas for things. I was afraid before to get too excited or attached to the baby, but now I can't help but be excited and attached.

How Much More Of This???

This pregnancy is making me so sick. Before I start my ranting, I am not complaining about being sick. I am very grateful for being so miserable....But I am just that...MISERABLE!!! Everyday it is a guessing game if whether or not I can even get out of bed. (which with Christian, isn't really an option.) It is so bad that I had to ask the doctor for a prescription for something to help with the sickness. The pills make me feel better, but they knock me out. So now I have a choice to make: I am either horribly sick or unconscious. (Neither is that good of an option.) I am hoping that I am only sick for the first trimester...That is a whole month more, but I can't handle feeling like this until June. I am slacking on responsibilities I have, it is affecting the kind of mom I am, and I am just down right grumpy because I feel so horrible.

Marcus has been absolutely amazing during all this. He is so patient and understanding and gets me any little thing I need. The past week he has pretty much been working full time and then coming home and being a single parent. He runs to the store at any time, day or night, to get me anything I want. He seems to know what I want a lot of the time before I even know what it is. He has been giving me massages every night before bed that have been helping me sleep much better. He is amazing and I can't thank him enough.

I didn't think a lot of the "side effects" I am having happened so early in pregnancy. My chest hurts so bad!! I didn't think that happened until way later into the whole thing. My mom and sister (BRATS!) were not sick during their pregnancies....So why am I?? It's not fair!! :) I am losing weight from not being able to eat anything. The scale was lower this morning then it has been in seven years. I thought I was suppose to be gaining weight, not losing it. The thought of eating most food makes me so nauseous. Smells are horrible. I need to wear a mask that blocks out all smells. Can you tell I am miserable?? But, like I said earlier, I am not complaining. :)