Sunday, March 30, 2008

Week In Review...

This past week included:

*Cooking...yes, me read correctly. I cooked and everyone lived to tell about it. Monday I made Angel Hair Pasta with Garden Veggies. Tuesday was a chicken roll/wrap thing. Wednesday was Chinese Beef Broccoli and Lemon Merigan Pie. Thursday was Three Cheese Manicotti. I've had this itch to get in the kitchen and cook. It was fun and all the meals were a success. With Marcus being Elder's Quorum President now, I know he is going to be gone a lot more, and I know we need to eat more then mac and cheese and fast food.

*Cleaning. I have been trying my hardest to get my spring cleaning done and my house not looking like a war zone. I have a friend who just moved a couple of houses down the road, and she stops by once in awhile to chat. EVERY time she comes over, my kitchen is a mess, Emma looks like she hasn't had a bath in a week and Christian has no pants on. My friend never comes over when the house is clean and the kids are dressed and clean. I just read an article that was talking about keeping your house clean with a baby in it. It said to remember three words, "Lower your standards". I am trying to do this; it honestly is hard for me. I'm suppose to the be the mom who can do it all, and I feel like I am failing miserably. After I clean Emma and Christian's rooms, I don't want them in there playing. Come on, it's their stuff in their rooms. Chill out, Monica. The house was clean...until today. Looks like I know what I am doing tomorrow.

*Sleeping through the night..almost twice. Emma slept through the night TWICE! She is almost ten months old and this is the first time she has slept through the night. Last night she slept through the night, but Christian didn't. The problem I am running into though is that I don't go to bed until 1 or 2 AM. When Emma sleeps through the night, she is ready to be up by 6...I however, am not. So now I need to go to bed early and things will be good.

*Taking the kids to a playgroup we joined. Christian, Emma and I went to The Treehouse with a playgroup I signed us up for. It was exhausting. Christian had a blast though. Emma didn't get much time to play; Christian went to one area after another so quickly that Emma didn't get to be put down much. I met a couple of the moms in the group and I am excited to do more activities with them. After The Treehouse, I had to drop off the little ones and go to Activity Days which I was over. We made chapstick and painted nails. The girls all had fun. After Activity Days, I had to run home and make dinner. After dinner, we had our FHE for the week. I spent quite a bit of time on our lesson, and, like a little kid, got my feelings hurt when I felt like no one really cared. I always have to do too much; nothing can be plain and simple. I need to be okay with doing simple things and not having to make things too extravagant. (For example, the night before Easter I was up until 1 AM cutting out rabbit paw prints to put on the floor. Christian and Emma wouldn't have cared if there were paw prints or not, but I did.)

*Starting to re-train for the Ogden marathon. I had to take a couple of weeks off because of my knee so it was good to be out running again. I worry that I won't be ready come May, but I all ready paid so I will walk the 13.1 miles if I have to. I will get that darn shirt! Marcus' sister also talked me into doing this bike ride/race thing in June. A lot of the women and girls in Marcus' family are doing this ride. It is a 36 mile ride up towards Logan. There is a longer ride, but we are only doing the short version. Thank heavens. So now I have to start training for the bike ride and continue training for the marathon. I think I am trying to kill myself.

*Sitting here in agony because I am a chicken. I hate hate hate hate HATE..did I mention hate, the dentist. I have a horrible toothache and need a root canal, but I have put off calling the dentist because I hate the dentist; the smells, the sounds, the pain. I have to call tomorrow and get in. Anyone have any Valium?

It was a good week. Kids are obnoxious. Marcus is busy. I'm going crazy...not much has changed. I need to take more pictures so there are less words and more cute kids to look at. I'll work on that...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Project Say Something...FIRE. FIRE. FIRE.

I had the chance to ask the question this week for PSS. I asked the group:
“Your house, containing everything you own, catches fire; after saving your loved ones, you have time to safely make a final dash to save any ONE item. What would it be?”

I really liked this question. It makes you stop and think what is really important to you. I also thought it would be an easy one to answer...I thought wrong. Marcus and I talked about it one night, and everything I thought would be the "one" item, I talked myself out of. My wedding Why? Yah, I love that dress. It has great memories, but it's a dress. If my dress burns, I am still married and still have the memories. My mom's engagement ring that I I would love someday to get it fixed up and back to her, but again, great memories but nothing is different if it gets lost. I really thought long and hard about my grandpa's scriptures. These are in my room on my table and have been there for the past five years. I don't use them because they are very old, and I don't want to damage them. As I am typing this, I actually think that the Book of Mormon was my grandpa's he used on his mission and the Bible was my grandma's...I'll have to look when I go up to bed. I talked myself out of this one just because I thought of the "one"..okay, Marcus was the one to bring it up first, but I am stealing his ideas. (No, I don't feel guilty. It was a good one.) The one thing I would grab if my house was on fire and all my loved ones and animals were safe would be the bin in the basement of Christian's stuff he had when he came home. When we brought Christian home, he had the clothes on his back, a coat, a sippy cup and an Elmo doll. I put everything in a bin shortly after he came home so he can have these things when he gets older. I bought him a new Elmo doll so he could actually play with one; I didn't want him to ruin the one Tammie gave him. I want to get all the letters and few pictures we have from Tammie scanned into the computer and then put the originals in the bin as well. Tammie also made Christian a blanket. I am still trying to decide if we let him actually use the blanket or put it away so he can have it when he is older. It's all hand stitched and Christian isn't exactly gentle with his things. Anyway, without that bin, Christian would have nothing from his birth family; he deserves the few things in that bin for when he is older.

Grabbing all my pictures shouldn't be a concern for me..once Marcus gets off his lazy butt..err, I mean gets a little bit of spare time. Each restaurant has their own computer and he is going to set it up so we save all our pictures on our server at the house, and then the server backs up on both the computers in Layton and Orem. So if something happened to our computers or the house, we would still have the pictures for the past seven years we have been together. The pictures before I went digital would be gone, which would be sad, but Christian deserves his bin.

I am not a very materialistic person; the less clutter and stuff is better. I throw away a lot of stuff and sometimes regret it later. Other then Christian's stuff, there really isn't much of anything that I would be devastated over if it were lost. As long as my little ones and hubby are safe, life is good.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

As Promised...

Here are LOTS of pictures from our Easter weekend. I was going to post yesterday, but we cleaned our garage out. It took pretty much all day; I can finally park in it!! I put Christian to bed a little before nine. I laid down in his bed with him and next thing I know, Marcus is waking me up to go to bed at 1:30. Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hoppy Easter!

We had a great Easter weekend. I have tons of pictures I am going to post, but I am too lazy to find all the different memory cards and put them on my computer right now. I will upload them tomorrow so you can see all the great festivities we had this weekend.

Friday night we went to some friends' house and played games with a bunch of people. It has been awhile since we have been out with our friends so it was good to hang out with them and the munchies were really good.

Saturday we went to Marcus' aunt's house for his family's Easter egg hunt and dinner. It was a lot of fun. Christian got way too much candy. Emma found all her eggs stuffed with puffs and nasty fruit things. Jessi and Taylor got a visit from the Easter Bunny before they went to their mom's house. Then we went on a hunt to find something to keep the front door closed. Christian can unlock the deadbolt and likes to open the door...even when he isn't wearing pants..or a diaper, but that is a different story for a different time. We didn't find anything, but we did go grocery shopping...such fun.

Sunday the Easter Bunny came to see Emma and Christian; the stinking bunny left his/her paw prints everywhere. (Is the bunny a girl or boy?...hmmm.) The four of us went to church and had the weekly drama during Sacrament with Christian. We have turned into one of "those families" who have the really loud kids and all the other people are silently thinking to themselves, "Can't they control their kids?" Sure I can, got any duct tape and a stun gun? I got to sub for music with the Primary. I was the music leader for almost three years until they released me when we brought Christian home. It was fun to do it again, I really enjoyed it. Then after church, we came home and made a kid friendly refuge and played the Wii for a bit. (Marcus' definition of a kid friendly refuge is moving the two couches together and blocking any little areas with misc. stuff to keep Emma from being able to escape. During this time, the two little ones are allowed to play with all the toys and make as big of a mess as they can. This lets me and Marcus sit and not have to chase them and keep them out of stuff. Marcus invented this the other night when I went to works well.)

It was a good weekend and fun was had by all....except for maybe Taylor. This girl is dying for baby bunny. We said !@#$ no...well maybe not like that, but that is what I was thinking.

Pictures to follow...eventually.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Project Say Something...10 Questions

Amy sent a list of ten questions around for this week's Project Say Something.
Here goes:

1. What is your favorite word? Dostoyevsky...ask my sister.

2. What is your least favorite word? Yet again, my sister has stolen my answer. I hate the word fart and turd is a close second. I will never use those words and I yell at Marcus when he does.

3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? Carefree, easy going people...I wish I could be one.

4. What turns you off creatively, spiritually or emotionally? Judgmental people who base their opinion off one or two people and then think a whole group is like those few people...make sense?

5. What sound or noise do you love? My babies laughing. There is no better sound in the world.

6. What sound or noise do you hate? I haven't heard it yet, but the day Christian tells me, "You aren't my mom" will break my heart. I hope he won't ever say it, but if he ever gets mad enough, there is a good possibility. It'll hurt when/if Jessi and Taylor say it as well, but not as bad. I have never tried to step in and be their mom; they have one. But I am Christian's mommy 100%.

7. What is your favorite curse word? Snikees or bastages...I don't swear; I usually don't see the need.

8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Ice Cream Taster. I also always wanted to be a teacher or a social worker.

9. What profession would you not like to do? Exterminator.

10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? What I would like Him to say and what He would actually say are probably two completely different things. I would like Him to say, "I see you tried your best. Welcome home." What He would probably say is, "You are sooo in the wrong place."

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Someday I Hope You Understand...

My dear little Christian,

I am sorry that I am trying to be a good mommy to you. I am sorry you don't like to follow the rules and listen to what I say. I am sorry that jumping on the couch is one of your favorite activities and Mommy doesn't support you in that. I am sorry that you don't like what I make you eat. (sometimes I don't either.) I am sorry that you enjoy candy and junk food so much and Mommy doesn't let you eat just that. I am sorry that I don't let you hit, push or sit on Emma; I know you really like to. I am sorry I make you share your toys. I am sorry that I don't let you tell me to stop talking. I'm sorry you feel like you have to yell, "You're not my friend" at me when you are angry with me. I am sorry that we had to leave the grocery store early today and then Mommy freaked out in the car. I am sorry that Emma is almost out of diapers and the puppies are almost out of food because we had to leave the store early. I am sorry I don't let you scream at the top of your lungs in the store and I am sorry that I try to keep you safe and buckled in the cart. I'm sorry that I want you to get potty trained so you can go to school in the fall. I am sorry that I make you stop drumming when I am on the phone. Who am I damper your love for music? I am sorry you don't get to watch Backyardigans or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all day. I am sorry that I don't have more patience with you being an active, full of life three year old. I hope someday you will understand why I make you put on a jacket when you go outside, why I buckle you in your car seat, why I make you eat your vegetables, why I make you treat others with respect, why I always tell you I love you, why I always want you to know how wonderful you are and what a blessing you are to have in my life. Until that day comes, be patient with me. I'm doing my best.


Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Just Complaining...Again

I hate Mondays! I don't use the word hate lightly. I don't let Christian say hate. It's not a nice word. But I HATE Mondays! It's the only day of the week I actually have to work and get things done with "my" restaurant. (It seems that since Marcus has bought the Orem location, all the paperwork and behind the scenes stuff from Layton has become mine again. I don't want it, but I do it anyway...with SERIOUS complaining.) Work that should take me half an hour ends up taking me three hours when Christian and Emma are home. When Christian and Emma are at daycare, it doesn't take that long.

Christian, Emma and I all got up later then we normally do. We all had to hurry to get ready and out the door. I didn't have time to wash my hair. I showered, but since we were running late and Emma was all ready grumpy, I knew there wasn't time to wash and then dry my hair. GROSS!! I have felt nasty all day long since my hair didn't get washed. People who go days without washing their hair or showering are nasty. I am going to shower and wash my hair before I go to bed because I feel so gross; it doesn't matter that I am going to be showering first thing in the morning. Anyway, Christian went to daycare by himself because Emma had her nine month check-up today. (She is finally healthy again. Way tall for her age though.) After her appointment, I had to go into Charley's to get my work done. Chaos and drama there. Yippie!! Then I had a couple of errands to do before I picked up Christian. Why are people so freaking rude? I'm sorry if you hate your job. I'm sorry if you are having a bad hair day. (Cuz, so are.) But don't take it out on me. Be nice. Then we went and got Christian. As we were walking out the door, I was talking to one of his teachers and Christian decided to use this time to go out the front door and run down the sidewalk to a VERY BUSY road. Believe me, he got SERIOUSLY growled at. Then when we got home, I had to finish doing the work that I didn't get done before Christian came home.

Making simple phone calls and submitting stuff online shouldn't be difficult, but when you have Emma trying to climb the stairs, Christian getting into EVERYTHING, simple things become extremely difficult. I was getting frustrated, and unfortunately when I get frustrated, Christian gets the brunt end of it. I know that he gets into things when he is bored and if I would just take a couple of minutes to find him something to do, things would be easier. I need to think on his level more often and realize where he is coming from. After my Monday stuff was finally done, we got to play a little bit. Things got better, but I am still grumpy. It's just one of those days that you just want to end. I'm gonna go wash that man day right out of my hair. Cheesy, I now...I told you I was's all in the dirty hair.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Clearing My Brain...Yes, I Have One...

I am clearing my brain so maybe I can sleep...random thoughts floating in my head...get out!

*I am trying to find a new dress. I am having a hard time telling the difference between shirts and dresses. What the heck? Why are dresses so freaking short now days? I bought a new dress the other day from a catalog and it didn't look that short in the picture. When it got here, holy moly! I honestly wore it as a shirt the other night to a Pampered Chef party. I found some really cute ones the other day, but since I am still nursing Emma, well endowed up top. So the dress will fit me great around the waist, but too tight around my chest. Where can I find a freaking cute dress??

*We took my dad out to dinner for his birthday since some of my family was out here this weekend. We took Emma and Christian with us...on a Saturday night. STUPID!!! Why did we do that?? Emma wasn't too bad. She has learned this new game of dropping whatever she has in her hands and waiting for me to pick it up. It's really fun...really. Christian was a monster!! He kept climbing under the table, taking his shoes and socks off, screaming, crying, etc., get the point. I was so ready to leave when we left...I was ready to leave about twenty minutes after we got there. I am not expecting them to be perfect, but I do expect them (mainly Christian) to know how to act in public. I think if we let him get away with this kind of naughty behavior now, it's going to be hard if not impossible to break him of later. Why can't I have the little kids that sit there quietly, eat their dinner, and don't make a mess? (Because then they wouldn't act like their dad and then he would have to wonder who there daddy was!)

*I have become addicted to caramel marshmallow shakes. I should buy stock in the companies that produce the stuff to make them. Seriously. They are that good. I am hoping Marcus will come read over my shoulder and go make me one. I don't care that it is 11:30 at night and I should be asleep. I want a shake. But I don't need one. I have totally fallen off the diet wagon I was. There have been too many holidays, birthday parties and vacations. I can always seem to justify why it's okay to eat like crap. Admitting I have no self control just isn't an option.

*I am in desperate need of a new haircut/color, but I can't find any that I like. I don't want to lose much length, but I also don't want to spend half an hour doing my hair and when I am done, you can't even tell I did anything to it. I am toying with the idea of putting blond back in my hair, not completely, but just a little bit. I can't find any good pictures of what I want. I can visualize it in my head, but trying to explain it to someone would make me end up looking goofy..okay, okay, goofier then I all ready do.

*Poor little Chrisian has a toothache. He hasn't eaten anything all day long because his tooth hurts so bad. I hate it when my babies are in pain and I can't make it all better. I hate the dentist; the smell, the sounds, I hate it all. I need to be brave and strong when we go in on Monday, but I think I am going to be just as scared as he is. With him only being three, won't they have to put him under if they have to fill a cavity? There is no way in sam heck that he would let some strange man do anything to his mouth while he was awake. His dentist's office is so cool. They have a fish tank with fish that look like the ones from Finding Nemo. Christian loves that.

*I have no good recent pictures of me. I have joined a play date group thing that would like to see a picture of me before I come to some of the play dates (so they know who to look for) and I can't find any. I am either really dorky looking or making stupid faces or something dumb. Too bad I don't know anyone who owns a butt load of photography equipment or a photographer who could take some pictures...

The sad thing is that my brain is still full. Make the voices stop!!! My mind is always going fifty miles a minute. I can't ever just stop and smell the roses. But I am tired now and my shake obviously isn't going to make it's self...or maybe it will. Thanks Marcus!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Cookies and Flowers...

As a mom of a very active toddler, I struggle day to day deciding which battles to tackle that day and which ones really don't matter. One battle that I am throwing the towel in on is Christian's great ability to make a mess and destroy the house. I realize he is a three year old and it's his job to play and make a mess. I also realize that I have OCD issues and need to chill the freak out when it comes to fingerprints on the windows, smudges on the tables, and toys all over the house. I am TRYING to be okay with not having a spotless house; it's not an easy thing to deal with and accept. I am picking my battles with Christian, and constantly growling at home to not touch the windows or pick up his toys every five minutes isn't worth it. He is a little boy who likes to play and have fun. So I decided to have Christian help me make cookies. Now to most moms, this is a normal occurrence and not a big deal. To me, this was a huge step. I did find myself towards the end having to bite my tongue and not say, "No, do it like this." or "No, you don't want to make more flowers, we need more butterflies." I let him do it all by himself and he loved it. I normally don't let anyone in the kitchen with me when I am cooking or baking, but he enjoyed it so much that I may have to let him help me again...after I have recovered from last time.

Then the next day I cleaned the house. I had just finished vacuuming, so the vacuum was still out. I had to go upstairs and change Emma's diaper. Marcus called while I was upstairs so I talked to him for a minute and realized that Christian was being way too quite. When I left him downstairs, he was playing with his firetruck and all was well...that didn't last too long. I hobbled down the stairs and saw why he was so quite. I didn't freak, I didn't yell, I handled the situation like a pro. We have a bagless vacuum that Christian had decided to empty all over the carpet that I had just finished vacuuming less then ten minutes ago. When I asked him what he was doing, he ran towards me and said, "Look mommy, I found a flower. Here is a flower for you!" When I vacuumed, I vacuumed up a petal from a flower arrangement I have in my entryway. Christian wanted me to have the flower. Now I have to keep this nasty, dirty flower forever because my little boy gave it to me. I had to take him upstairs and get him all cleaned up and re vacuum the floor, but I didn't mind; I got a flower from my little boy.

Yes, I know that Christian rarely has pants on in his pictures. Remember I was talking about picking my battles? That's one I am not going to freak out about. He's a free spirit and doesn't like pants. I am okay with that.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Project Say Something...Stupidest Thing

This week's question comes from my wonderful, talented, caring, mails things when she says she will sister. She asks "We've all done stupid things in our lives. (Don't deny it, you were a teenager once too!) What's one of the stupidest things you've ever done? Tell us all about it! (Or if you're like me and have a ginormous LIST of them, just pick a few :) )"
As a side note, I grew up with her...she should have a ginormous list!! :)

I have quite a few things that pop into mind:
I make up words to songs that I am SURE are right. (Dirty deeds and the thunder chief. I am a rock. I am an otter.)
I say stupid things every day of my life. I used to have a list of the stupidest, but it gotten too big to keep track of.
I blew out my knee blow drying my hair and have had two surgeries since then. I tore a ligament in my other knee taking Jessi down a kiddie water slide when Marcus and I were dating.
I think the one I will share will be the pole incident. When I was six or eight or sometime around there, my older brother, younger brother and I were outside playing in the snow. Scott, my older brother told me that if I stuck my tongue to the pole it would freeze. I didn't believe him and told him he was dumb. He then dared me to stick my tongue to the pole. I have always been one to learn things on my own and he dared me; I had to do it. I couldn't pass up a dare from my older brother. So I licked the pole. And guess what? You guessed it, my tongue was glued to that pole. Scott was actually's happened once or twice since then. I freaked out. The boys ran in and got my dad and he rescued me by pouring hot water over my tongue. My daddy is so smart. For the next three or four weeks I couldn't chew food or talk very well. To this day I can't eat butterscotch pudding because I ate so much of it back then. I can't watch the part on The Christmas Story where the little boy puts his tongue on the pole or on Dumb and Dumber where the dude gets his tongue stuck. (I can't watch Dumb and Dumber for lots of other reasons too...stupidest movie EVER!!)

I am sure I have done lots of stupid things in my life, like trying to blog when I am drugged out of my mind on Lortab. I don't need to mention how many typos I have found or how long it has taken me to type up such a short story. I have some soft tissue damage in my left knee from training for my marathon. The doctor has me in a knee immobilizer and Lortab for a week to help it. I am doing that stinkin' marathon. I have all ready payed my money and I am running those 13.1 miles if it kills me...which it just might.

Anyway, if anyone wants any of the stupid things my sister did growing up that she doesn't share in her answer, I can always be bribed...I like candy..

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Project Say Something...again

This week's question comes from Kim.

She asks: "How (*insert band name/artist here*) Changed My Life."

I had to think long and hard about this one, and then I remembered a day back in 1992 when I heard a song for the first time on the radio. Never before had the lyrics that flowed from my stereo spoke more directly to my soul. And I knew at that moment that I to was too sexy for my shirt. You have no idea how hard it is to dial back my sexy enough to keep this blog family friendly.

In all seriousness, I can't say any band or artist has changed my life. I like music; I just don't have any favorites or any that have made a big impact on me. I've had people and experiences change my life, but not "things". (except The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room...but that's another post for another time.) sexy it hurts!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Project Say Something

I'm a slacker and have fallen a week behind. (The fact that I have had a baby sick with RSV and now has a double ear infection should not be a factor. Really. I am just a slacker.)

Here is last week's question from Shane:
This week I would like us each to prepare a 60-minute play list of the music you would like played at your own funeral. Share your list of songs and tell us why you picked the songs you did.

These are SERIOUSLY the first few songs that popped into my head after I read this question...I don't think any explanations are needed.

Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lots
%itch by Meredith Brooks
Loser by Beck
Journey to Ernie by Ernie and Big Bird (Christian and I sing this song A's always what I am humming.)
Barbie Girl by Aqua
Give It Away by Red Hot Chili Peppers (Christian has to sing it. I'm a great mom; I've taught Christian some of this song.)

I'm not a huge music fan. I'll listen to usually whatever. I also haven't given any thought to my funeral. I don't enjoy thinking about my death, or anyone's death for that matter. I know it's gonna happen..hopefully a lot later then sooner. I view funerals as something for the people you leave behind, and I would want those people to decide what kind of music should be played to remember me. (Hopefully none of the above songs would be chosen...except for maybe Barbie Girl.)

I don't want anyone to think I am avoiding answering the question, so if I had to chose a couple of real songs, they would be:

God Be With You Till We Meet Again by Jeremiah E. Rankin
Together Forever by Michael McLean
Families Can Be Together Forever by Ruth M. Gardner (My children and/or grandchildren would sing this song.)
I Believe by Kory Kunz (I believe my sister is a thief..even though she was done first.)

There ya go. If I die tomorrow, I will have a mixture of hymns, a song about my butt, and a song about what a %itch I can be. Nice!!