Monday, October 27, 2008

PSS: Mommy Dearest + Married With Children = My Family..

Forever ago Amy asked us "Which movie or TV show does your life most closely resemble and why?"

My answer changes on a daily basis, sometimes even hourly. Right now "Who's the Boss?" would be very fitting. Too many people in one house and family trying to be in charge of others. GRRR!!!

I wish I could say it's the "Brady Bunch" but that would be lying. I could say "Cinderella", but not for the good reasons...more along the lines of the evil stepmother.

"Mommy Dearest"...except for the beating my child with a wire hanger while I am screaming "No Wire Hangers!!" part. I haven't done that...yet. I kid, I kid. I wouldn't beat my child with a wire hanger while making them scrub the bathroom floor...I would only do that while they scrubbed the toilets.

"Brothers and Sisters" do to the fact that my brothers and sister are pretty screwed up! (Love 'em anyway.)

"Married with Children". Sometimes I feel like that sums up who I am...only a mom and wife, not an individual. Not exactly Peggy Bundy material...and I think my dogs really do talk when I am not around.

Most of the time "Clueless" sums up how I feel about life. And I have yet to find a problem that shopping can't fix. (thanks Kim.)

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LostinPlaceKim said...

"that shopping can't fix" is what I think you meant :P

And I am so not screwed up. Not in any way. Okay, maybe a little.