Tuesday, March 06, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

You're so vain. I bet you think this song is about you. Don't you?

 I will admit it; I am vain. I won't run to the grocery store in sweats and a pony tail with no make up on. I won't answer the door if I'm still in my jammies with bed head. I take about 45 minutes to an hour every day to get ready. Ridiculous? Yes. Can I help me? Probably but not really. 

I remember the exact moment that I become obsessively vain.

 I was in fifth grade at a friend's sleepover. They wanted to play a game where we chose one person and we all wrote three things we liked about them and three things we didn't like about them. (Brutal, I know.) No one wanted to go first, so I volunteered. I don't remember a single good thing that was written, but I remember every bad thing that was said. 

Sometimes your hair is messy. 

Sometimes your clothes aren't cute. 

 Sometimes your clothes look old. 

 Sometimes you need to comb your hair better. 

Remember, this is fifth grade. You're about 10 in fifth grade, right? 22 years later and it still affects me? Can anyone say therapy?

 Anyway, about half way through my turn, one of my friends who was suppose to read her list of me next decided this game wasn't nice and that she wasn't going to read hers.

 So we stopped. 

 But it was too late for me. These girls were my friends. They were the "popular" girls of the school and I was dying to fit in and be there friend.

 Fast forward to current day.  I'm vain.  I like to look nice.  Sometimes for other people, but mainly for myself.  I feel better about myself when I actually get dressed and look half way human.  Even if I'm not leaving the house, I try to get "done up" as my husband would say.  

Without any further babbling on my part, here is what I wore this week:

I just got this shirt from Dillard's on their clearance rack.  It's one of those shirts that I looked at a zillion times every time I would go there but couldn't bring myself to pay full price because I wasn't sure if I liked it that much.  When it went on clearance and then they marked down clearance an additional 65%, how could I resist?  I still don't know how I feel about it, but even if I don't wear it often, I got such a deal that I'm good with that.
The jeans are from Maurices.  They are so comfy.
Shoes are Candies that I have had forever.  I can't remember where I got them since I've had them so long.

My bracelets are from Charlotte Russe.  My husband calls the beaded one my Flintstones bracelet, he may be right, but I still think it's cute.

This outfit I wore on Friday when I went  grocery shopping and ran errands.  When I got home from grocery shopping, my husband surprised me and took me out on a date.  

The white sweater is from Forever 21.
The shirt was another clearance shirt but this time from Target.
Jeans are DKNY.
Boots are a clearance find at Forever Shoes.

My Sunday Best. :)  
Have to look good for my six and seven year olds that I teach every week, right?
Skirt is from Down East Outfitters.
Sweater from Aeropostale.
Boots from Kohls.

Monday I had a PTA meeting and errands to run. 
 I got all dressed up for all the hot PTA moms. You know who you are. (Thursday? Carl's Jr?) :)  I was also officially voted in for next year's President Elect which means I will be PTA president for the 2013-2014 school year.  I had to look the part right?
Blazer from Papaya.
Black lacy shirt from...uh...Covet maybe?
Purple shirt from Covet.
Jeans Calvin Klein
Boots from Forever Shoes..yes another clearance find. :)

Outtakes from that photo shoot.  My seven year old was telling me how to pose.  

Today was another errand day.  We also made the best cupcakes ever in the history of the world.

Shirt from Maceys.
Pants from Target clearance rack.
Shoes a gift from the husband unit.
I love them! Not exactly the most comfortable, but fashion over comfort, right?

I wouldn't recommend wearing these shoes while you are in the kitchen all day making Snickers cupcakes.  These are the best thing I have ever made.  Oh. My. Goodness. Yum.

Have a great week!!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Return to What I Wore Wednesday...

I used to do What I Wore Wednesday all the time, taking pictures everyday of what I wore and actually caring about what I looked like. Then life took over and I was too busy to even remember to breath at times. I decided I needed a reason to care again. If posting my pictures on the internet isn't a good enough reason, I don't know what is. :) I only took two pictures this week, but two is better than none right? Luckily this week is pretty low key with not much going on. It's a nice change.

Didn't do much today.  Ran a few errands and went to the school...when don't I go to the school?  Have a mentioned they want me to be President Elect for the PTA next year?! That would mean when Emma was in first grade and Christian was in three grade I would be the PTA President!!!  That is a whole different post for a whole different day.  

Shirt is from Dillards.
Pants are from Covet Boutique. 
They are L.A. Idols that I got on sale...not too shabby and I love the bum!!  Most of my jeans are way too "bedazzled" but these are cute!!

I am loving the big sleeves on this shirt.  I do have to wear a shirt underneath it since the sleeves are so big, but I love it.  The earrings are also from Covet and probably the bracelet too.  I made the necklace a while back.  I didn't wear the necklace the whole day.  It was too much gray.  I want to make some more necklaces like this one that are different colors.  I think it's a good way to bring color into my outfits.  I have bought so much gray lately, I need a little color.
Today was a lazy day.  I didn't even shower until noon, but I still got dressed.

Shirt is from Macy's.
Jacket I think is from Old Navy.  I have had it forever so I don't remember.
Leggings are H&M.
Boots are from Wet Seal.
Belt from Impel Clothing.

I still don't know how I feel about wearing leggings.  I think I might be too old to pull it off.  

Trying to lose 24 pounds is kicking my butt.  I find that I am buying looser fighting clothes.  If I was smart, I would stop shopping until I was at my goal weight, but I don't claim to be smart.  :)  
Just for the record: I was kicking butt at eating healthy...until the Girl Scout Cookies arrived.  Dang things!!

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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!! 

Each year I find myself making a VERY LONG list of all my goals and resolutions for the year and then beating myself up over every little mistake and  broken resolutions. 

I've decided this year there will be no long list with a hundred ways I want to improve myself and why I am currently such a horrible person.  I do have a couple areas that I want to try and improve on, but I have learned that TRY is the key word.  

I am a perfectionist. 
I have been that way as along as I remember.
  I beat myself up over the dumbest things.  
My first B in Biology in Jr. High brought enough tears to float Noah's Ark.

  I am learning that I can try to improve things and change habits, but not achieving 100% on everything is okay.  So here are the things I want to TRY and improve:

1. Take better care of myself. 

Of course, this includes the "I'm gonna lose a whole bunch of weight" goal, but more importantly, I want to continue to grow comfortable with myself and like the person I am. 
I want to be in control of my emotions and not let others dictate how I feel and react to things.  

2. Simplify.

This applies to every aspect of my life. 
I try to do too much for too many people. 
I try to keep a perfectly clean house while I work from home and spend time with kids and husband, volunteer with the PTA at Christian's school, teach a primary class and try to be Superwoman.  
My cape must be at the dry cleaner's cuz this super hero's powers are gone.  

That's it.  
Totally attainable.

  And no beating myself up when I have a Diet Coke or when I eat a cookie or 4 or when I let the kids stay up until 10 pm because I am too busy watching NCIS, playing on Facebook and working on a photo shoot. 
Hope everyone had a great holiday season and a very happy new year!!