Friday, October 30, 2009

Donor of the Year...

Awhile back Marcus was honored by the Utah Idaho Kidney Foundation as their "Donor of the Year." We attended a meeting where he was presented with a plaque and we met a few famous people...Utah famous anyway. Jake Garn presented Marcus with the award. He used to be a senator and also has been to space. Getting the award from somebody like Senator Garn meant a lot to Marcus I think. We also attended a Candle Light Walk last Friday honoring living donors at Library Square. Marcus was asked to speak on living donation. They honored some amazing people that night so for Marcus to be involved with that was kinda cool.

Last year when Marcus and I decided we wanted to help Juan and his family, we never imagined it would turn into what it has. I think the awards, speeches, interviews and hoopla is finally done...which is really nice. I know Marcus is glad to be done with all the attention. He donated his kidney to help Juan and HATES getting all this attention and being told how great he is. We both would like to think that what he did was what anyone would do given the situation. I am a firm believer in organ donation. To learn more about organ donation go here.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My New Bathroom...Kinda...


I found this awesome site a few weeks ago when I was working...okay, pretending to be working. I have to confess my love for this blog!! It has given me soooo many great ideas that I want to try. I decided to start participating in the DIY day she has every week. Maybe that will help motivate me to get off my lazy butt and get all my projects going that I can't seem to find the time for. I could spend hours and hours looking over all the past DIY day posts...that is if Christian and Emma could cook, clean, do their own laundry, etc. etc. Hey, a girl can dream can't she?!

Marcus and I started this project months ago. We kept putting it off or were too busy to finish, but we are finally finished...mostly. We need to touch up the walls where I made him take the towel racks down, but for some reason we got more of the paint that is the ExAcT color and brand of our current walls and it doesn't match. So painting has to wait. I know the anticipation is killing you...let you wait no longer...

My old bathroom:

I've always loved my bathroom and when we were looking for new houses a few months ago, I kept comparing every bathroom to mine. I just wanted to spruce it up a bit and give it a more personal touch. It's nothing huge, but I love it!!

Appearing for the first new bathroom!!!

I came across a blog awhile ago where they added a frame around their bathroom mirror...I would love to give credit where it is due, but I couldn't find that site again; believe me, I tried...So we spray painted the molding with some black textured spray paint and then used liquid nails to glue it to the mirror. I LoVe it.. I'm debating whether or not to paint the white cabinet on the wall black to match everything else...or it might be too much black if I do. For now, it's okay.

Marcus hung curtain rods up, but now he refuses to ever hang curtain rods in the house again. Whatever. :)
I have a new obsession with black spray paint. It's my new love. I bought some candle sticks at the Dollar Store and spray painted them black. They look much better then I thought they would.

My tub is usually covered in bath, not mine. It's so much easier to bathe Christian and Emma in my big tub then in theirs. Taking the picture made me have to actually put the toys away.

Marcus built a shelf in the toilet room and then I used more spray paint to make the frames match. I like this setup much more then the metal shelving before.

Now I want to redo the hall bath, but I have far too many projects either all ready in progress or that need to be done before I get to that room.

One project down, way too many to go.