Friday, December 26, 2008

PSS: Let it Snow. Let it Snow. Let it Snow...

My sister asked: "Snow. What's your favorite thing about it? Your favorite thing to do in it? Your favorite memory in relation to it? "

I love snow. I love the way it looks falling down. I love the white glistening of it before anyone or anything disturbs it. I love being able to bundle up inside when it's snowing really bad outside and not having to go anywhere. I just hate the cold it brings with it and I HATE HATE HATE driving in bad weather.

I love playing outside with Christian and Emma. I don't like how long it takes to get them dressed and ready to go outside. It is a serious process.

A favorite memory happened just the other day. Christian, my sister, Madeleine and I built a snowman. Christian was so proud of it. He was heartbroken when he looked out the window today and saw that a neighbor boy had decapitated it. Christian loves playing in the snow and could be out there all day. I, on the other hand, can last about 20 minutes and then I am ready to come in and snuggle up by the fire.

PSS: Traditions...

I think Kim asked this question, but my sister had to forward it to me because I was skipped on the weekly email, so I am not 100% sure on who asked it. "What are your family's traditions?"

Growing up at Christmas time we would always watch the same Nativity movie every year. Back then I hated it, but now I am glad we did this.

On Halloween we would always go to my Grandma's after we were done trick or treating. We would spread our loot out on the floor and go nuts. There were a few years that Burger King would give out free whoppers to everyone who came in dressed up. The years that didn't happen, my mom always made clam chowder.

With a family of my own now we are still building our traditions. Coming into an all ready existing family who all ready had some of their own traditions was fun but also hard. Now that I have little ones of my own, we are trying to add new traditions that are important to our whole family. We have a few, but I am still trying to develop a lot.

PSS: Christmas Memories...

Shane, who for some unknown reason thinks I am the most confusing person he has never met asked: "Tell us about your most memorable childhood Christmas."

I think I have a mild case of forgetfulness. I don't remember anything. I have bits and pieces of memories but not one unforgettable Christmas.

I used to wrap things I all ready had so I would have more to open on Christmas morning. I loved unwrapping stuff; I still do!
We would always get oranges in our stockings.
We got to pick one present on Christmas Eve to open. Without fail, I would open clothes while everyone else opened something cool.
Every year my parents would say, "This year is going to be a small Christmas. I know we say it every year, but this year we mean it." And every year Christmas was awesome and I was spoiled.
Santa didn't live long at our house. We discovered the truth at early ages. The kids would always help wrap everyone's presents. My mom would keep them hidden in her closet and lock the closet door. It wasn't too hard to get the keys when she was upstairs and sneak a peek at what was inside. I think that put me on the naughty list.

PSS: Good vs Bad...

Heidi asked us "What three things do you consider yourself to be very good at? What three things you consider yourself to be very bad at?"

I hate that I can automatically make a list a mile long of things that I think I am bad at and can only think of one or two things that I am mediocre at.

The three things I think I can do well are:
1. Clean. You can drink out of my toilets if you really wanna. Vacuum lines are better than chocolate.
2. Listen. I am a very good listener. I may not always know what to say or may not have the best advice, but if you just want to vent or clear your head, I am your girl.
3. Procrastination. I am the Queen of procrastination. I work better when I am under stress and things get done. It may not be a good thing, but I do it well.

The three things I suck at are:
1. Communication. I can't fight. I don't know how. I won't say anything if I think there is a possibility that it'll hurt your feelings. (even if it's true) I hate confrontation and would much rather sit back and get walked all over than confront anyone. I don' stand up for myself well. It doesn't matter if I know that I am right. I won't argue with you. I am a sissy.
2. Having self esteem. I have always struggled with this one. I am not pretty enough. I can't do this or that well enough. I'm not smart enough. I'm a horrible mother. I suck. The voices in my head tell me. :)
3. Staying caught up on PSS questions.

PSS: I Kissed a Boy...

Forever ago Lisa asked us: "Tell us about your first kiss. Who was it with, where was it, and what other details do you recall??"

My first kiss was when I was 14. It was with a guy named Austin. He was 16 and we went to the park in his car. Before I had ever kissed anybody I thought it was gross. Swapping spit just didn't do anything for me. In fact, even now I think it is gross. We "went together" for awhile until Andy came along. I am so not enjoying this trip down memory lane.

I can count the guys I have kissed on one hand. I am not the kind of person who could kiss just anyone. There had to be some kind of feelings there. Austin. Rick. John. Kevin. Marcus. There was a peck with Andy...but that doesn't count.

Boys are gross.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Stockings Were Hung...

It's finally here! I can honestly say I am all ready for Christmas this year. Every other year I feel like something was missed, forgotten or not done. But this year we are good to go. I finally have someone who will listen to Christmas music and look at lights with me. Christian loves it! There is a house in West Haven that has lights synced up to music; Christian could sit out there and watch for hours. We went to the lights in Willard and drove through those and saw Santa at the end. Christian loves Santa this year and asks for a John Deere every time he sees Santa. Emma is horrified of Santa this year. She won't go near the man.

All the presents are wrapped. Goodies all delivered. Cards are all out. The roast and rolls are in the oven as I sit here taking a much needed five minute break. I love this time of year. Yes, it is very stressful and crazy and I get involved in doing too much. Everything has to be perfect and I'm not satisfied until it is. A lot of the stress I bring on myself. I am just glad that this year on Christmas Eve everything is done so I can enjoy my family and all the things we do on Christmas Eve. I'm so excited for in the morning; watching the kids' faces and reactions.

Now that all the stress of Christmas is over, it's time to move on to New Year's. We are having a party here this year. The planning and cleaning will start on Friday. I'm excited; it'll be way fun.

Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Happy Kwanzaa. Merry whatever you celebrate to everyone. I hope you have a great day!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow...

20 years ago:
1. I was 9 yrs old.
2. I was not student of the week in 4th grade. This is the only grade my whole school life that I wasn't student of the week. My teacher liked to choose the kids who needed a little extra help and boost. I was smart back then. Yah, I don't know what happened either.
3. I still thought boys were icky.

10 years ago:
1. I was in a bad relationship.
2. I had just moved out of Vernal.
3. I was going to WSU majoring in Child and Family Studies, Psychology and Criminology.

5 years ago:
1. I got married.
2. We built a house.
3. I quit my job to work with Marcus.

3 years ago:
1. We brought Christian home.
2. I became a work at home mom.
3. I had surgery that supposedly had nothing to do with our infertility issues. Have you met my daughter? She was conceived two months later!

1 year ago:
1. I gained almost 70 lbs while pregnant with Emma.
2. I was sick at Christmas for the third year in a row.
3. I lost all but fifteen pounds of the baby weight.

So far this year:
1. I had a miscarriage.
2. I ran a half marathon.
3. I made an amazing new friend.

1. I made raspberry jelly.
2. We made a heart wrenching decision.
3. I had a migraine.

1. I wore my boots over my pants...I don't know if I can pull that off.
2. I went to Temple Square and Crown Burger with the Young Men and Young Women and watched thirteen year old's get boy's phone numbers.
3. I took Christian out to lunch.

1. I will finish Christmas cards...I am determined.
2. We will celebrate Jessi's 12th birthday.
3. We will hopefully finish our Christmas shopping for the family.

Next year:
1. We will bring another baby home.
2. I will lose the rest of my "Emma" weight.
3. We will have a better idea of what our business future looks like.