Friday, January 02, 2009

Will the Real Monica Please Stand Up?!

We had an awesome New Year's Eve party at our house. Marcus, being the funny guy he thinks he is, thought it would be funny to tell one of the couples that it was a costume party. No one else dressed up except for Jeff and Angel and they ended up looking awesome. They came dressed up as Marcus and me. It was hilarious!!

I do have to admit, Jeff has more going on up top then I do and probably a smaller rear too! He kept going around all night cleaning things and straightening up. I thought it was very funny. Angel wore a suit and a name badge that said Elder's Quorum President. They were great sports about it. Thanks guys!

We had a lot of fun bringing in the New Year with our friends. I have great expectations for the new year and a lot that I want to accomplish. 2008 was great, and I think 2009 will even be better...unless you ask Emma. Her first morning of 2009 consisted of the absolute worst temper tantrum in the history of temper tantrums. It was awesome! Have a happy New Year!


Hillbilly's said...

Jeff didn't come in costume... I actually think he likes cross dressing. Remember Halloween ? I'm beginning to think that's a normality. :) We love him though, even if he is femmy.

Dallin, Savannah, and London said...

i'm sad we missed it! :( but hope we can do something soon!