Saturday, January 10, 2009

PSS: Presents...

A couple of weeks ago Amy asked: What was your best Christmas present? What was your worst? What did you always want but never get?

My husband spoils me rotten every year. I can not think of one bad present I have ever gotten from anyone. I also can't pick just one best present. Some that stick out are:

*When Marcus used to travel a lot for work, he made me a pillow case with his face on it. It was a bit creepy, but awesome any way.
*Diamond earrings
*When I was pregnant with Emma, I got one of those awesome body pillows that contour to your body. He became my best friend. His name was Franco...Marcus was replaced for a few months.
*A baby booty necklace charm with the birthstone of the baby we lost in 2005.

The one present I have always wanted is a new car. I don't necessary want the car, I just want the keys hanging on the tree and a HUGE bow on the car when I look out the window shrieking.

I just love getting presents. If there was a least a little thought behind it, I will like it and appreciate it.

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