Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who Came Up with the Saying "Fork in the Road" Anyway?

It's 11:30 at night. Marcus is in Ohio. I have work to do...actual work with no motivation or desire to even open my folders and take out the papers. I have a birthday party to plan and get ready for. I have cards to make for a swap I signed up. (Way out of my league btw.) I have laundry and dishes and blah and blah and blah. I don't want to do any of them. I am sitting here blog hopping; reading all the cool tales and stories of people I know and even don't know. I'm at a fork in the road with my own blog. I'm not exactly sure which direction I want to take it in. Most of the blogs I read are about families and the activities and stories of the day and the cute things their kids said and did. I don't imagine anyway other than my mom enjoys reading about the cute and/or funny things my little ones did on any certain day. Other blogs I read are personal blogs just about them. I am not interesting or good enough with words to do this kind of writing.

So I am stuck. Do I do a family blog that talks about how Jessi sent and received over 12,000 text messages in LESS than a month. Or how Taylor is trying so hard to find herself but struggling to do so. Or how about Christian is going to turn four on Tuesday and how (not) excited I am to give him his present. Or how Emma is talking in sentences and growing up way too fast.

Do I do a personal blog that talks about how I feel when people say "Oh, so you are just a mom?". Or how I am struggling with the monotonous days I seem to be having lately. Or how I am trying to figure out which role I am to each person at that exact moment...wife, business partner, secretary, mom, friend, daughter, sister, boss, enforcer, church leader. Or how I am struggling with the decision to bring another baby into our family right now.

Which path do I chose? Or do I make my own path with a few detours that talk about children and family along with a few paths that discuss my favorite lip gloss and my husband's addiction to Facebook? I may or may not be posting much until I figure out what I want 9 Inch Cankles to be....besides not 9 inches anymore. :)

Did I mention that it is almost midnight and Christian is still awake? He knows when Marcus is gone and milks it for everything it's worth. Ever since Marcus' surgery, he comes into my room every night and sleeps in my bed. I honestly think he is dealing with some separation anxiety issues or something. Since I have payroll to calculate, checks to write, bills to pay, emails to respond to, laundry to fold, dishes to put away, a new Grey's episode to watch and an adorable little boy who won't stop asking "where's the water" (huh?!) that needs to be tucked in for the trillionth time tonight, I guess I better stop being irresponsible and get to work.


Stephanie P. said...

Your blog is great just the way it is. Just keep on doing what you have been. It's inspiring and interesting no matter what you write. Family issues, personal issues, random issues...its you and your life and that is what keeps me coming back for more! :)

Dallin, Savannah, and London said...

I agree. I love it! just the way it is...I love your "realness," humor, pss's, stories,'s all the right bits of wonderful.