Friday, December 26, 2008

PSS: Let it Snow. Let it Snow. Let it Snow...

My sister asked: "Snow. What's your favorite thing about it? Your favorite thing to do in it? Your favorite memory in relation to it? "

I love snow. I love the way it looks falling down. I love the white glistening of it before anyone or anything disturbs it. I love being able to bundle up inside when it's snowing really bad outside and not having to go anywhere. I just hate the cold it brings with it and I HATE HATE HATE driving in bad weather.

I love playing outside with Christian and Emma. I don't like how long it takes to get them dressed and ready to go outside. It is a serious process.

A favorite memory happened just the other day. Christian, my sister, Madeleine and I built a snowman. Christian was so proud of it. He was heartbroken when he looked out the window today and saw that a neighbor boy had decapitated it. Christian loves playing in the snow and could be out there all day. I, on the other hand, can last about 20 minutes and then I am ready to come in and snuggle up by the fire.


Hillbilly's said...

Agreed ! Snow is great unless you have to touch it, walk through it, or get it thrown at you !! It's one of those "no contact" things :)

Brynn said...

LOVED your Christmas card! You are too crafty girl! I need some lessons!