Sunday, January 11, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

For what seems like ever, I have been drooling over all the participants over at Organized Junkie's site that plan their menus for a whole week. We try to do it, but it never seems to work. What sounds good when I am making the menu, sounds nasty the day we are going to make it. But I am finally going to attempt to stick with it and see if it cuts my grocery bill and makes life easier. Our nights are crazy with meetings, Young Womens, cheer...whatever else you throw in our direction. So this is what we have planned this week:

Monday: Salmon with Pistachio Dill Butter. This is one of the recipes they sampled at Sam's Club last summer. It is so yummy!!

Tuesday: Three cheese lasagna made in advanced. Tonight alone we have cheer, Young Womens, Elder's Quorom meeting and Activity Days. The recipe is my manicotti recipe, just made with lasagna noodles instead.

Wednesday: Home made Clam Chowder in bread bowels with home made Key Lime Pie. This will by my experiment night. I have never made the chowder or the pie before. Wish me luck!

Thursday: Chicken legs and twice-baked potatoes.

Friday: Chicken Wrap thing...I'm not sure of the name. It's chicken stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped with bacon. Can you feel your arteries clog as you read that?

Saturday: Marcus gets to figure it out. We will be doing basketball pictures all day and I'm not cooking.

Sunday: Haven't figured this one out yet. We don't get out of church until 4 now so it's harder to prepare a big meal. I'll probably just end up throwing something in the crock pot. That's always easy and usually yummy.


Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Welcome to MPM. Love your menu, especialy the lasagna!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Menu planning is worth the effort for your time and your budget! Just remember that it takes up to three weeks for something to become a habit. So stick with it and you will be glad you did!

ms. less is always more said...

welcome to meal planning... after a couple weeks of "practice" you and your family will begin to depend on it! I know I do... I love waking up in the morning, looking at my meal plan and knowing that I don't have to think AT ALL about it!

Brooke said...

welcome to MPM!

i find that using the week's food as a general guideline works great. that way on monday i have 5 different choices.

Amused to Death said...

The Salmon with Pistachio Dill Butter was amazing!!!

Org Junkie said...

Your menu sounds so yummy...thanks for joining us!