Thursday, January 08, 2009

Who is Watching You?

I went to a stake Young Women's meeting tonight where they talked about being an example and that people are always watching you, even when you don't know it. They had some really good talks that got me thinking. How often do I say or do things that I wouldn't do or say if I knew someone was watching? Have I impacted anybody's life? If I have, has it been for the good or bad? Will anyone ever look back on their lives and remember something I said or did and they will thank me for it? Will my children grow up and thank me for lessons I taught them or temember the times we played? Or will they just remember all the times I lost my temper or raised my voice? Will any of the Young Women be impacted by my lessons or the activities I'm involved in? Will any of my friends look back at our friendship someday and be grateful I was thier friend?
I want to leave a positive impression wherever I go. I want to be the change the world needs. Who is watching me? What are they seeing?

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