Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My New Form of Birth Control

I think they should show this to all young people who are not being smart; it's enough for me!!

We are really aren't heartless parents. Emma had been carrying on forever and showed no signs of stopping. We've learned that instead of loosing your cool and getting mad, it helps if we laugh. Marcus had given her the wrong sippy cup. She threw a fit, a very large, loud fit. She soon learned that the cup made piggy noises if she sucked on it, so all was well again in Emma land.


Lee Anne said...

OMG that would be a great form of birth control. My boys seem to be throwing lots of fits like this these days. Just for no reason it seems. Makes the decision easy not to have anymore when we have days like this. But when they are little angels I sometimes wonder if I want more. Hmm...maybe I will get past the terrible 2s and then decide. Good to know my kiddos are not the only ones that do these sorts of things!

~Mandy~ said...

Oh man :) Dax has been throwing fits lately, but not to this extent, but I'm sure it will come eventually :) Good luck!

LostinPlaceKim said...

Wow. Madeleine isn't kidding. Crabby and Noisy!!!! Poor little girl. Please tell me she'd skipped her nap or something???

Amy said...

I suggest vodka in the sippy cup next time. Unless she is a mean drunk that is.

Maybe in a sippy cup for you instead? You are in my prayers that you both live through this.