Sunday, January 11, 2009

PSS: Cancer

Last week Lisa asked "If you had to make a choice between lowering your chances of being diagnosed with breast cancer by taking a pill for 5+ yrs, but dealing with some pretty brutal side effects (hot flashes, changes in libido, depression, possible increase of other cancers, etc) would you do it? "

This is a tough question and I honestly don't have an answer. It's one of those situations that you can think you have an answer to until you are in the actual situation and everything is different. Before I became a parent, I knew exactly how to be the "perfect" parent; I had answers to everything. Now that I am a parent, I suck and know nothing.

Luckily, cancer doesn't run in my family. (That we know of anyway. My dad was adopted and we know nothing about his birth family.) I would just make sure I knew all my facts and got many different opinions. I am such a
hypochondriac; every bump is cancer and every rash is some skin eating disease.

Educate yourself. Pray. Hope for the best.

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