Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Everything Must Come To An End...

For the past ten months I have not been able to eat any kind of nuts. I love peanut butter! But for the sake of this beautiful little girl

I have refrained. Her pediatrician thinks she may be allergic to nuts based on her projectile vomiting after I would eat peanut butter.


this happened today. Why? Because both of our bodies have decided it's time to move on. And because of this:

Today was my last day of breastfeeding my baby. And yes, I am an emotional basket case. Ten months ago I sat in my living room crying because I didn't think I could do it and I thought about quitting. Now, ten months later, I sit in my living room crying because I don't want to stop. I'm not crying because of the 2 am feedings, or because I will miss wearing the nursing bras, or because I will miss Emma occasionally biting me. I cry because my baby no longer needs me. (I know, I know..she will always need me...blah blah know what I mean.) My baby is no longer a baby. She now waves and gives kisses and climbs the stairs and sleeps through the night and eats people food (again, you know what I mean) and she is just so stinking big. Next thing I know, she will be off to college and married. So sad. But isn't she cute?!

On a much happier note, I hope it's April forever!!!


Mandy said...


I hope it is April forever too. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, McDreamy.

But I must say I am a little jealous that you have my boyfriends picture on your wall!!! ;)

LostinPlaceKim said...

Okay, first: Your hair is freaking LONG!!!! Geeze, woman!

second: holy crap. she is sooooo adorable. she needs to come visit me RIGHT NOW! oh she's so cute! those pictures are great.

third: you made it a long way! Like you said, you never thought you'd make it this far. So! GOOD FOR YOU, WOMAN! You made it farther than you thought and you did great!

fourth, and most importantly: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mcdreamy................