Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Odds and Ends...

Since my MIA post I have only been able to mark two of the nine ideas for a blog off my list. I am currently up to date on PSS questions,(other than answering my own question this week, but I still have time)and I did my five year anniversary post bragging about how great my husband is. Disneyland pictures are gonna have to wait; I am too lazy to put them all together tonight. Let's see if I can whip out the rest though.

For FHE a few weeks ago we went swimming in Bountiful. Emma had only been in the pool once before when she was like a couple months old. Christian is kind of a chicken and was hesitant to try much of anything. Everyone still had fun. Then we had Charley's on the way home.

Hello cleavage!!!
More cleavage...see, I warned you!!

The day after my anniversary, I loaded up Emma and Christian and went to Vernal for my friend's wedding. I was hesitant on making the drive with Christian potty training. I didn't know whether or not to put him in a diaper or risk it. He went in undies and did great! We only had to stop once on the way there...the way back, now that's a different story. Let's just say I had to clean the car seat. Anyway, on Friday, the 18th, Stephanie got married. Congrats Steph and Jason! I took my mom with me to the ceremony so I didn't have to go by myself and then my Grandma came with us to the reception. I also took Emma and Christian so they could meet Stephanie. Steph and I became friends in fourth grade and were inseparable after that. Through high school and boyfriends and different directions after high school, I still consider her my best friend. Before seeing her at her wedding, it had been about eight or nine years since I had seen her. She looks great! She lives up in Alaska and I would love to go visit her. I didn't realize how much I missed her until I saw her again. It honestly felt like nothing had changed between us. I would love to be able to catch up and spend time together again. Boy, did we have great times when we were younger!! I also got to see a good friend at her reception. Our friend Scott had driven from Arizona to be there for Stephanie on her big day. He moved before we graduated so I haven't seen him in forever. We went to a lot of dances together and the three of us, along with a couple other guys were really close during high school. Some of the "old gang" had a BBQ on Sunday, but I had to get started on the drive home and couldn't go. I was disappointed, but I had to get back home. I got to spend some time with my family and Christian got to play with his cousins. He had a blast and didn't want to leave. The drive home was pure HELL! The wind was so bad I was holding onto the steering wheel so tightly my knuckles were white and my hands were sore when I finally got home. Emma doesn't do so well on that drive so that made it even funner. I can't believe how much Vernal has grown! I haven't been there since last year some time. (I think around Sept or so...I suck, I know. Sorry Mom!) Vernal has grown so much it's crazy. There are houses everywhere!!

Me and Stephanie. There is a website that has all of her gorgeous wedding pictures. Go check it out!! She's a hottie!!
Four generations: My grandma, Christian, Me and Emma and my mom.

This June is my ten, yes you read correctly, ten year high school reunion. I am so torn on whether or not I want to go. I graduated early from high school so I could just be done with that whole thing. I don't know if I need or want to go back. I know if I go, I will regret going. And I also know if I don't go, I will regret not going. I still feel like I should be in high school. I don't feel much different than I did back then. I am still an insecure, everyone else is better then me freak. What if I go and say something stupid? Everyone will be so skinny and so cute and blah!!! I don't think I want to even open up that chapter of a very closed book. I had one boyfriend through most of high school and unfortunately, I let a lot of relationships suffer, if not slip away, because of this one boyfriend. I can't change that now and still feel like sometimes I am having to deal with that. I have luckily made amends with a very good friend I had back in high school. I am very glad that we were able to put stupid high school stuff behind us and move past all the drama from the halls of Uintah. I have a little bit longer to decide, so we'll see.

My new hair isn't that new anymore. I actually think I might need my roots touched up by now. I am still getting used to the color. The cut is okay. Things have been crazy lately so my hair gets pulled up a lot more then it used to. I also got a new hat that has become my new friend. I was dark for almost seven years. I felt like it was time for a change. I'm pretty sure I will go dark again, probably in the fall, but for now it'll do. It's kinda pricey to stay lighter, so we'll see how long it'll last. The pictures aren't that great, but they'll do.

I chopped about two inches off the bottom and got layers put in. You can't really see the color in these pictures, but it is much lighter. I just noticed how wide that shirt makes me look...don't think I will be wearing that one for awhile...and I look like a dork. And my chest looks huge...I had just stopped breastfeeding and I was very engorged...TMI, I know. Whenever Jenna would move from side to side and bump my arm which in turn would bump my chest, I had to bite my lip so I wouldn't scream. TMI again..okay, I'm done talking about that.

Much, much lighter...
Almost blond lighter...but I think I like it.

The same day I got my hair done, Emma got super sick at day care. Day care called me while I was getting the foils put in my hair and said that Emma had thrown up all over. I let Jenna (my new hair girl) finish putting the color and foils in and then I left to go get Emma. Marcus was going to leave work and meet me at home to take care of a sick baby. I felt guilty leaving her, but I knew she would be in good hands and what was I suppose to do...I looked like this...

Yes, she is wearing a red bow and a pink shirt. When I took her to daycare that morning she was in a red shirt. Her extra outfit in her diaper bag was pink. After she threw up, they changed her clothes, but not her bow. Yes, that is the first think I noticed when I walked into daycare...pathetic I know.

And just to finish up my list...one of my getting to be really good friends is pregnant. I am super excited for her. But I have to be honest, I am jealous. It seems like everyone and their mother's dog is pregnant right now. I don't necessarily want another baby right now; I can hardly take care of the two I have now. I don't know why I am jealous..probably just being dumb. Marcus and I have different views on how we want to bring our next child into our family. For the moment, all I can say is "agree to disagree". I don't know if I will ever be pregnant again. Yah, I was miserable for the whole nine months, but there is also a lot of stuff I miss and would love to experience again. I learned a long time ago that I have no say in how I become a mom; I will take what I am given.

I have a Wii injury on one of my fingers from our exciting tennis games with our friends on Friday. It's serious...I've gone through a lot of SpongeBob band aids. I hope I pull through. It hurts now from typing so much. I will get the Disneyland pictures up...someday. So, nanner neener Kim...I did do all my posts!!!!

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LostinPlaceKim said...

DUDE! You're blonde! And that child HAS to come visit me!!! Just make sure she's plague-free first :P She's so big! Why do they have to grow up so quickly so we have to miss it?? So not fair.