Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Project Say Something...We Are Changing the World

This week's question is from Amy. She asks: You have the chance to cure the world of Cancer or AIDS or stop the violence in Africa or Israel/Palestine...which would you choose, and why?

I feel like I am back in Ethics class in college. I BSed my way through the course; let's see if I can do it here too.

Cancer and AIDS are two horrible diseases. People can live with this conditions though. Cancer patients can have treatment, go into remission and live long, healthy lives. AIDS treatment is better than it has ever been. People living with AIDS are living longer, normal lives as well. Yes, there are the people who die of Cancer and AIDS on a daily basis. It breaks my heart to read or see stories of people dying of these diseases. The commercials for Jerry Lewis' telethon break my heart and honestly brings tears to my eyes. There are many doctors, scientists and researchers who are devoting their entire lives to find cures for these and many other diseases. My sister in law is an Oncologist at the University of Utah Hospital. I will let her cure cancer, and I will stop the violence in this screwed up world.

You can not turn on the television, radio or computer without reading about all the wars that are going on currently in this world. Honestly, it makes me sick to read them. Race, religion, territory issues, money or control; I don't care what the reason for the violence is. I would love to be able to make it stop. Reading about people dying on a daily basis for no reason is horrible. I've read stories about the military in Africa using rape as a weapon in war. The military and or government will find women, gang rape them for days to the point of the woman almost dying and then release the woman back into her society. Nothing happens to the men and the woman is shunned from her community and family. A lot of these women need medical attention and numerous surgeries to even start the physical healing process. Innocent people are dying daily. Men, women and children who just want to live in peace are being separated from their families, forced from their homes, beat, raped and/or murdered just because. I would love to be able to be a guiding light for these poor victims, a shelter from the storm, a light at the end of a tunnel. Being able to do anything to make the lives better for the innocent people who are affected by wars and fighting would be a life well spent.

I know and understand that victims of war are innocent, just like the men, women and children who get diagnosed with cancer or AIDS are. No one asks to be a victim of either situation. Wanting to treat one and not the other does not mean I don't care about the innocent lives lost to the problem not solved. Many people are devoted to finding a cure for diseases; how many people are trying to stop the violence? It's been a long running joke that many beauty pageant contestants who are asked about changing the world answer with, "world peace." Too bad they don't follow through. I am aware of all of our own countries problems, but aren't we all united regardless of where we live. Man, woman, black, brown, rich, poor, religious or not, does it really matter? Treat others the way you would want to be treated. We are all taught this from a very early age. What happens to the majority of society that they forget that simple lesson?

I'll let Heather cure cancer and I will stop the violence in the world. Together, our family will change the world!!!

Now that I am caught up with my PSS questions, my posts will become more me again...not necessarily a good thing, but no ones making you read.. :)

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Holy crap. That was really an awesome post. I'm impressed. Good for you!