Sunday, March 30, 2008

Week In Review...

This past week included:

*Cooking...yes, me read correctly. I cooked and everyone lived to tell about it. Monday I made Angel Hair Pasta with Garden Veggies. Tuesday was a chicken roll/wrap thing. Wednesday was Chinese Beef Broccoli and Lemon Merigan Pie. Thursday was Three Cheese Manicotti. I've had this itch to get in the kitchen and cook. It was fun and all the meals were a success. With Marcus being Elder's Quorum President now, I know he is going to be gone a lot more, and I know we need to eat more then mac and cheese and fast food.

*Cleaning. I have been trying my hardest to get my spring cleaning done and my house not looking like a war zone. I have a friend who just moved a couple of houses down the road, and she stops by once in awhile to chat. EVERY time she comes over, my kitchen is a mess, Emma looks like she hasn't had a bath in a week and Christian has no pants on. My friend never comes over when the house is clean and the kids are dressed and clean. I just read an article that was talking about keeping your house clean with a baby in it. It said to remember three words, "Lower your standards". I am trying to do this; it honestly is hard for me. I'm suppose to the be the mom who can do it all, and I feel like I am failing miserably. After I clean Emma and Christian's rooms, I don't want them in there playing. Come on, it's their stuff in their rooms. Chill out, Monica. The house was clean...until today. Looks like I know what I am doing tomorrow.

*Sleeping through the night..almost twice. Emma slept through the night TWICE! She is almost ten months old and this is the first time she has slept through the night. Last night she slept through the night, but Christian didn't. The problem I am running into though is that I don't go to bed until 1 or 2 AM. When Emma sleeps through the night, she is ready to be up by 6...I however, am not. So now I need to go to bed early and things will be good.

*Taking the kids to a playgroup we joined. Christian, Emma and I went to The Treehouse with a playgroup I signed us up for. It was exhausting. Christian had a blast though. Emma didn't get much time to play; Christian went to one area after another so quickly that Emma didn't get to be put down much. I met a couple of the moms in the group and I am excited to do more activities with them. After The Treehouse, I had to drop off the little ones and go to Activity Days which I was over. We made chapstick and painted nails. The girls all had fun. After Activity Days, I had to run home and make dinner. After dinner, we had our FHE for the week. I spent quite a bit of time on our lesson, and, like a little kid, got my feelings hurt when I felt like no one really cared. I always have to do too much; nothing can be plain and simple. I need to be okay with doing simple things and not having to make things too extravagant. (For example, the night before Easter I was up until 1 AM cutting out rabbit paw prints to put on the floor. Christian and Emma wouldn't have cared if there were paw prints or not, but I did.)

*Starting to re-train for the Ogden marathon. I had to take a couple of weeks off because of my knee so it was good to be out running again. I worry that I won't be ready come May, but I all ready paid so I will walk the 13.1 miles if I have to. I will get that darn shirt! Marcus' sister also talked me into doing this bike ride/race thing in June. A lot of the women and girls in Marcus' family are doing this ride. It is a 36 mile ride up towards Logan. There is a longer ride, but we are only doing the short version. Thank heavens. So now I have to start training for the bike ride and continue training for the marathon. I think I am trying to kill myself.

*Sitting here in agony because I am a chicken. I hate hate hate hate HATE..did I mention hate, the dentist. I have a horrible toothache and need a root canal, but I have put off calling the dentist because I hate the dentist; the smells, the sounds, the pain. I have to call tomorrow and get in. Anyone have any Valium?

It was a good week. Kids are obnoxious. Marcus is busy. I'm going crazy...not much has changed. I need to take more pictures so there are less words and more cute kids to look at. I'll work on that...

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