Thursday, March 13, 2008

Project Say Something...Stupidest Thing

This week's question comes from my wonderful, talented, caring, mails things when she says she will sister. She asks "We've all done stupid things in our lives. (Don't deny it, you were a teenager once too!) What's one of the stupidest things you've ever done? Tell us all about it! (Or if you're like me and have a ginormous LIST of them, just pick a few :) )"
As a side note, I grew up with her...she should have a ginormous list!! :)

I have quite a few things that pop into mind:
I make up words to songs that I am SURE are right. (Dirty deeds and the thunder chief. I am a rock. I am an otter.)
I say stupid things every day of my life. I used to have a list of the stupidest, but it gotten too big to keep track of.
I blew out my knee blow drying my hair and have had two surgeries since then. I tore a ligament in my other knee taking Jessi down a kiddie water slide when Marcus and I were dating.
I think the one I will share will be the pole incident. When I was six or eight or sometime around there, my older brother, younger brother and I were outside playing in the snow. Scott, my older brother told me that if I stuck my tongue to the pole it would freeze. I didn't believe him and told him he was dumb. He then dared me to stick my tongue to the pole. I have always been one to learn things on my own and he dared me; I had to do it. I couldn't pass up a dare from my older brother. So I licked the pole. And guess what? You guessed it, my tongue was glued to that pole. Scott was actually's happened once or twice since then. I freaked out. The boys ran in and got my dad and he rescued me by pouring hot water over my tongue. My daddy is so smart. For the next three or four weeks I couldn't chew food or talk very well. To this day I can't eat butterscotch pudding because I ate so much of it back then. I can't watch the part on The Christmas Story where the little boy puts his tongue on the pole or on Dumb and Dumber where the dude gets his tongue stuck. (I can't watch Dumb and Dumber for lots of other reasons too...stupidest movie EVER!!)

I am sure I have done lots of stupid things in my life, like trying to blog when I am drugged out of my mind on Lortab. I don't need to mention how many typos I have found or how long it has taken me to type up such a short story. I have some soft tissue damage in my left knee from training for my marathon. The doctor has me in a knee immobilizer and Lortab for a week to help it. I am doing that stinkin' marathon. I have all ready payed my money and I am running those 13.1 miles if it kills me...which it just might.

Anyway, if anyone wants any of the stupid things my sister did growing up that she doesn't share in her answer, I can always be bribed...I like candy..

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LostinPlaceKim said...

Holy crap. People down the hall were wondering what in the WORLD could possibly be so funny. (Of course I shared with them, how could I not????)I still love that story.

And I'll get your stinkin package ready this weekend. It's not MY fault I keep adding more to it!