Friday, March 28, 2008

Project Say Something...FIRE. FIRE. FIRE.

I had the chance to ask the question this week for PSS. I asked the group:
“Your house, containing everything you own, catches fire; after saving your loved ones, you have time to safely make a final dash to save any ONE item. What would it be?”

I really liked this question. It makes you stop and think what is really important to you. I also thought it would be an easy one to answer...I thought wrong. Marcus and I talked about it one night, and everything I thought would be the "one" item, I talked myself out of. My wedding Why? Yah, I love that dress. It has great memories, but it's a dress. If my dress burns, I am still married and still have the memories. My mom's engagement ring that I I would love someday to get it fixed up and back to her, but again, great memories but nothing is different if it gets lost. I really thought long and hard about my grandpa's scriptures. These are in my room on my table and have been there for the past five years. I don't use them because they are very old, and I don't want to damage them. As I am typing this, I actually think that the Book of Mormon was my grandpa's he used on his mission and the Bible was my grandma's...I'll have to look when I go up to bed. I talked myself out of this one just because I thought of the "one"..okay, Marcus was the one to bring it up first, but I am stealing his ideas. (No, I don't feel guilty. It was a good one.) The one thing I would grab if my house was on fire and all my loved ones and animals were safe would be the bin in the basement of Christian's stuff he had when he came home. When we brought Christian home, he had the clothes on his back, a coat, a sippy cup and an Elmo doll. I put everything in a bin shortly after he came home so he can have these things when he gets older. I bought him a new Elmo doll so he could actually play with one; I didn't want him to ruin the one Tammie gave him. I want to get all the letters and few pictures we have from Tammie scanned into the computer and then put the originals in the bin as well. Tammie also made Christian a blanket. I am still trying to decide if we let him actually use the blanket or put it away so he can have it when he is older. It's all hand stitched and Christian isn't exactly gentle with his things. Anyway, without that bin, Christian would have nothing from his birth family; he deserves the few things in that bin for when he is older.

Grabbing all my pictures shouldn't be a concern for me..once Marcus gets off his lazy butt..err, I mean gets a little bit of spare time. Each restaurant has their own computer and he is going to set it up so we save all our pictures on our server at the house, and then the server backs up on both the computers in Layton and Orem. So if something happened to our computers or the house, we would still have the pictures for the past seven years we have been together. The pictures before I went digital would be gone, which would be sad, but Christian deserves his bin.

I am not a very materialistic person; the less clutter and stuff is better. I throw away a lot of stuff and sometimes regret it later. Other then Christian's stuff, there really isn't much of anything that I would be devastated over if it were lost. As long as my little ones and hubby are safe, life is good.


MG said...

I would rush back in and get the last piece of that yummy, made from scratch lemon meringue pie that you made, except SOMEONE already ate it! I hope it goes straight to your cankles!

Laurie said...

I'm don't attach myself to material things either. However, I would probably go back in to get our external hard drive. (does that make me a true blogger ha ha)

We back it up regularly and it has all the vital info we need to keep life running plus pictures of the family.

Brynn said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I love that you found me and now I can look at your blog! It looks like you have an amazing family, that's awesome! We are excited for the baby, but oh so scared! Well, keep in touch and thanks again! It's great to chat with old friends!

Mandy said...

Monica!!!!! What's up? I am so glad you found me! What is going on in your world? Update me....

I'll keep checking back! Later