Saturday, March 15, 2008

Clearing My Brain...Yes, I Have One...

I am clearing my brain so maybe I can sleep...random thoughts floating in my head...get out!

*I am trying to find a new dress. I am having a hard time telling the difference between shirts and dresses. What the heck? Why are dresses so freaking short now days? I bought a new dress the other day from a catalog and it didn't look that short in the picture. When it got here, holy moly! I honestly wore it as a shirt the other night to a Pampered Chef party. I found some really cute ones the other day, but since I am still nursing Emma, well endowed up top. So the dress will fit me great around the waist, but too tight around my chest. Where can I find a freaking cute dress??

*We took my dad out to dinner for his birthday since some of my family was out here this weekend. We took Emma and Christian with us...on a Saturday night. STUPID!!! Why did we do that?? Emma wasn't too bad. She has learned this new game of dropping whatever she has in her hands and waiting for me to pick it up. It's really fun...really. Christian was a monster!! He kept climbing under the table, taking his shoes and socks off, screaming, crying, etc., get the point. I was so ready to leave when we left...I was ready to leave about twenty minutes after we got there. I am not expecting them to be perfect, but I do expect them (mainly Christian) to know how to act in public. I think if we let him get away with this kind of naughty behavior now, it's going to be hard if not impossible to break him of later. Why can't I have the little kids that sit there quietly, eat their dinner, and don't make a mess? (Because then they wouldn't act like their dad and then he would have to wonder who there daddy was!)

*I have become addicted to caramel marshmallow shakes. I should buy stock in the companies that produce the stuff to make them. Seriously. They are that good. I am hoping Marcus will come read over my shoulder and go make me one. I don't care that it is 11:30 at night and I should be asleep. I want a shake. But I don't need one. I have totally fallen off the diet wagon I was. There have been too many holidays, birthday parties and vacations. I can always seem to justify why it's okay to eat like crap. Admitting I have no self control just isn't an option.

*I am in desperate need of a new haircut/color, but I can't find any that I like. I don't want to lose much length, but I also don't want to spend half an hour doing my hair and when I am done, you can't even tell I did anything to it. I am toying with the idea of putting blond back in my hair, not completely, but just a little bit. I can't find any good pictures of what I want. I can visualize it in my head, but trying to explain it to someone would make me end up looking goofy..okay, okay, goofier then I all ready do.

*Poor little Chrisian has a toothache. He hasn't eaten anything all day long because his tooth hurts so bad. I hate it when my babies are in pain and I can't make it all better. I hate the dentist; the smell, the sounds, I hate it all. I need to be brave and strong when we go in on Monday, but I think I am going to be just as scared as he is. With him only being three, won't they have to put him under if they have to fill a cavity? There is no way in sam heck that he would let some strange man do anything to his mouth while he was awake. His dentist's office is so cool. They have a fish tank with fish that look like the ones from Finding Nemo. Christian loves that.

*I have no good recent pictures of me. I have joined a play date group thing that would like to see a picture of me before I come to some of the play dates (so they know who to look for) and I can't find any. I am either really dorky looking or making stupid faces or something dumb. Too bad I don't know anyone who owns a butt load of photography equipment or a photographer who could take some pictures...

The sad thing is that my brain is still full. Make the voices stop!!! My mind is always going fifty miles a minute. I can't ever just stop and smell the roses. But I am tired now and my shake obviously isn't going to make it's self...or maybe it will. Thanks Marcus!!

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