Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Worms, Witches and Butterflies...Oh My!!

We had a Daddy/Daughter Halloween Party for Young Women's tonight. It turned out really cute. We were all suppose to make fun little treats for the party, and oh boy! did I deliver!! I made worms...yup...worms. They turned out great and weren't too hard, besides the fact that my fingers still hurt.

This is all you need to make creepy, crawly, VERY realistic looking worms.

It does help to have an adorable helper though.

You need LOTS of straws.

After the mix stays in the fridge all night, this is what it looks like before you empty the straws.

And TA DA!!!! Ohhy, gooey worms!!

The hardest part of making the worms is getting the set up mixture out of the straws; you have to use a rolling pin and your fingers. My hands are stained red and pretty sore.
The worms were a hit though!! It was fun to see everyone's reaction. I found the idea here. There are bunch of fun Halloween ideas on the site.

I also made these cute little witch hats. Making the ribbons out of frosting was a little harder than I had anticipated, but Emma helped with the rest and it wasn't too bad.

For lunch I made Christian and Emma these cute Mummy Dogs. They both ended up peeling them and just eating the hot dogs, but they looked cute!

I was feeling pretty crafty and ambitious, so Emma and I made these cute little gift bags for Emma's dance class. Emma sure loves to help me to do anything and everything.

This morning was also Emma's Preschool Halloween Party. She is a Monarch Butterfly this year. I guess she had an emotional day at school; her teacher said the other costumes scared her. She didn't cry, but had a sad little moan coming out of her most of the morning. If she was that scared with kids she knew in costumes, it will be interesting to see how Halloween goes.

She is so stinkin' adorable!!

I didn't want to wear my actual Halloween costume to the Daddy/Daughter party, so I used my cat costume I have had since college. I didn't wear the pants that I used to wear when I used this costume; it was twenty pounds and one child ago. So I improvised and used the crazy tights. I think it worked.

We have more Halloween fun to report on...this is only the beginning!!!


Kim said...

I knew you'd come around :P

Tylaine said...

Those worms are awesome! My kids would totally love those...I don't think mom wants to attempt them though :)
That butterfly costume is absolutely adorable and your daughter is gorgeous in it! You're totally workin' that cat costume :)

Carrie said...

I don't believe it. Those are real worms! ;) Happy Halloween sexy mama cat!