Monday, October 25, 2010

I Can Do Hard Things #1...

I want to start a new series of posts that are entitled I Can Do Hard Things. They will talk about things I struggle with, but I know I can do. This first one was a biggie for me...

I have a very hard time stepping outside of my comfort zone. Doing anything that is new or unfamiliar is a challenge. A few weeks ago, I was invited to a Bloggers' GNO. I didn't know any of the ladies who were going to be there. I only had read one of the ladies blogs and met her for a brief moment when she so kindly donated to our adoption yard sale.

I really wanted to go, but not knowing anyone and just showing up by myself left me with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I have been on this kick lately of feeling that I don't have any friends and I NEVER go and do anything with anyone. (Yes, it was my own personal pity party...nobody likes me. everybody hates me. guess I'll go eat worms.) I thought as an adult, the feelings of worrying what others think and worrying about being accepted would go away..not for me anyway. (Maybe some day when I grow up.) Anyway, I really wanted to go and meet new people and possibly make friends. After a lot of humming and hawing, I finally decided I would go. Marcus didn't think I would actually go because I don't do stuff like that; to show up where I don't know anyone and have to actually talk to strangers was WAYYY out of my comfort zone. But, boy, did I prove him wrong.

Not only did I end up going, but I had the BEST time meeting this awesome girls. And I do hope that the friendships I made that night will last.

These girls are AwEsOmE!!

From left to right:

Tylaine She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met.

Carrie Awesome girl!! I feel like I really clicked with Carrie.

Kellie She was nice enough to have all of us crazy girls in her house all night. Even though she told me she thought I was stuck up at first, I still think she is hilarious!! :)

Amy Who needs Google when Amy is around?! She is so smart and nice.

Me--ReMeMbEr the camera adds ten pounds and for some reason, I was the only one it seemed to have applied to.

Laura Laura is soo nice. I think she was my deciding factor in actually going. She sent me a nice little email telling me that I should come to the GNO. So glad she did!!

KyAnn Oh. My. Word. This woman is hilarious!! After just meeting her once, she is someone I all ready look up to. Wish she would share some of her courage and zest for life with me.

Then in this picture, we are all the same except Kellie took the picture and Crystal took her place.

Crystal I have been reading Crystal's blog from the beginning and she is awesome!! If I could have even a fourth of her hotness, I would be set. :)

Everyone of these gals have their own unique personalities and interests. I felt like I belonged. I didn't feel judged or inadequate at all. I don't think I have ever felt more comfortable right from the beginning with a group of people before. I hope we can continue to get together and have as much fun as I did that night.


Kellie said...

I only thought you were stuck up because you are so gorgeous and put-together. Good thing I was wrong! I can't wait for our next IRL get together!

Kim said...

You are so going to take this the wrong way - DO NOT TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY (or I will beat you when you get to my door tonight. Remember? I'm older AND bigger and can do that).

You even LOOK like you fit in with these ladies. I know that was WAY out of your comfort zone but you look very at ease and comfortable. Most times it's obvious when someone doesn't fit in or isn't comfortable. You totally fit. Go you.

Now if we could just get around your leash limits....... :P

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad you came! I never would have known you were nervous. You acted just fine! I am the same way though. I admire you for coming because it is VERY hard for me going somewhere where I don't know anyone. You are so cool and I think we have made friends for life. xoxo

Design It Chic said...

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Emilene said...

I'm jealous! You're all invited to come over to Cape Town for your next meeting... :)

I can so identify with what you were feeling before the meeting! I've learnt though that having a joint interest or passion really breaks the ice!

Blogging certainly has put me on a road of connecting to amazing women all over the world!

Enjoy your future meetings, I have a feeling you're going to walk a long road together!

KyAnn (like Cayenne Pepper, only HOTTER) said...

I love you. The end.

Oh and I'm serious about hanging out.

Email me. We'll zest the heck out of life. :)

Tylaine said...

Oh Please...You're totaly gorgeous Monica!!! and thankyou for your kind words. It was great to get to know you. I hope we can all get together again soon! and I can totally relate to the shyness thing....I still have a big issue with low self esteen and doing things outside my comfort zone but I've come a long way. You ARE awesome girl!!

Carrie said...

OK that little boy of yours I could eat right up! Now, what a great post to a fabulous night. Even though I barely remember it since I was drugged I know it was good times! :)