Thursday, October 21, 2010


Christian wanted to play soccer this season. He has actually been wanting me to sign him up for a couple of years now, but between baseball and basketball, I didn't think we needed soccer in there too. But, being the push over that I am, Christian is now on the Blue Dragons. They have been playing all fall with the last game of the season being on Saturday.

Christian is one of those kids that is just naturally good at anything he tries to do. I'm waiting for him to find something he doesn't enjoy and isn't good at...not listening to me doesn't count.
Anywho...he has really enjoyed this season of Soccer. Here are some action shots of him playing. The other day he scored three goals in one game. That's my boy!!

What a STUD!!

Last day of soccer is this Saturday, and then basketball starts next Saturday. He has so much energy; we have to keep him busy!! Now Marcus is thinking drum lessons too...we'll see.


emilene said...

With that kind of determination it looks as if this little guy is going places! Lovely pics, he's going to love looking back at those one day!

Kim said...

That last pic of him totally screams, "Yeah. I'm all that. I know it." Too cute!!!!!

Kellie said...

Oh, my gosh, he is one handsome boy! You'll have to fend off the girls when he grows up!