Sunday, October 31, 2010

HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!!!

We have had a lot of fun this past week. We started out by going to Draper to go with my sister and her girls to a little Halloween Party at one of their parks. Neither one of the munchkins would wear their jackets, so of course they were both freezing and a tad on the whiny side. We played some games, got our pictures taken, faces painted and waited in line FOREVER for some popcorn and cotton candy. After the party, we went back to my sister's house for pizza. We didn't get home until after 11 pm...yes, it was a school night. I know, I know....

They were a little hesitant at first to take the candy from "Freakenstien" as Emma calls him.

Christian and Madeleine were very excited to do the race...

Emma..not so much. She just stood there. You could not get that girl to move.

On Friday night, we carved and painted our pumpkins. I have never been a huge fan of carving pumpkins, so I let Marcus help the little ones carve their pumpkins.

Emma painted her little pumpkin she chose at the pumpkin patch where she went on her field trip.

Leave it to Marcus to get out the power tools to carve the pumpkins. What ever happened to a good old sharp knife?

This was Christian's pumpkin.

This was Jessi's pumpkin..Taylor was at a party that night and I wasn't around the next day to get pictures of her doing her pumpkin.

I didn't even attempt to carve a pumpkin. I used good old trusty markers instead.

Halloween night, my sister and her girls came down to go to our trunk or treat with us. Here are four of the goblins in their costumes.

Here are the other two goblins with Emma and Christian at the church.

We had soups and breads outside before the trunk or treat started. Of course, it started to rain and everything had to be moved inside. It was complete and total CHAOS!!!

Christian wanted to be done trick or treating before we were even close to being finished. He went and helped Marcus hand out candy.

Me and my Hulk. Cutest Hulk Ever!!!

The two butterflies.

I honestly think Christian's favorite part of the night was staying home handing out candy to the trick or treaters we got at our house.

After the trunk of treat, we came and went to a few houses around the neighborhood. It was a good Halloween, but I am glad I it's over. I've all ready started to take down the decorations.

Hope you had a great Halloween too!!!


JeffandAngel said...

Great minds think alike!! Both of our beautiful little girls were monarch butterflies :) So cute! Looks like a rockin good time at the Gilbert usual!

Kellie said...

You have an adorable family! That Hulk costume is da bomb :)

melissa said...

Hey I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say how much I love it! Thanks for posting. I will be back for more!