Saturday, February 28, 2009

Monthly Roundup: Recipes/Kitchen

This month over at Organizing Junkie the roundup was recipes. I really needed to do this one. I have a cupboard in my kitchen that was filled with recipe books and a folder that I threw all my loose recipes and odds and ins into. It took me all month to get this project done. All the recipes that were written on little cards, envelopes, receipts and what not I had to rewrite on my cute recipe cards. Old school, I know. I had the recipe box and cards so I wanted to use it. The recipes that are full sheets of paper I put into a binder with page protectors so they don't get ruined when I am cooking. I got rid of a few cookbooks that I haven't or don't use. It feels good to be able to cross another project off my list.

Before: all my recipe books and recipes.

After: This is the cupboard that keeps all my recipes and books. The clear holder on the top shelf is a whole bunch of recipe cards that I have and love. I signed up awhile ago and got the recipe cards in the mail for about a year. Some would think they were a waste of money, but I have found some of my favorite recipes in them.

All the hand written recipes. I'm so anal the handwriting had to be the same on each card or I would start over.

This is the binder I made for the larger recipes that didn't need to be re-written. Simple but it works.

I made the tabs to separate the categories.

Along with the Recipe Roundup, I also did last year's February project: the kitchen. I took everything out of the cupboards, wiped them down, went through all the drawers and cupboards and scrubbed everything down. I got a few new accessories for the counters and took two boxes of misc. stuff to DI. I am getting a really big itch to remodel the kitchen, but that is not in the cards right now. I'm happy with it for now and wish it was always as clean as it was for the pictures.

One last thing we changed in the kitchen was how we charge our cell phones. There are four different cell phones with three different chargers. They sit on the desk in the kitchen and drive me crazy. So Marcus made this cool charging station for all the cell phones. It sits on the desk and looks like a cool trunk instead of cell phones charging. Isn't Marcus clever?

I love doing these projects. They are always things I want to get done and this gives me the motivation to get it done. Next month is photos; I think I may need a few months; mine are out of control. Check out Laura's site for more good ideas on organizing your recipes.

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