Monday, March 16, 2009

Tag You're It: 6th Picture...

Lisa tagged me awhile ago. I have been absent from blog land for awhile so I just saw it today, but here goes.
The Rules:
Go to the document settings/my pictures on your computer.
Choose your 6th file.
Choose your 6th picture.
Blog about it.

This is an awesome picture. I was getting my hair done by Jenna, and Emma decided to get sick at daycare. I was going blonde so it took longer then normal. Daycare called and said Emma had thrown up all over herself and her area. (That's why she is wearing a red bow and a pink outfit. That was her extra outfit in her bag. I wish they would have taken her bow out. Pink and red. Really?!) Anyway, I left Jenna's to go get Emma from daycare and take her to Marcus who was going to meet us at home so I could go back and finish my hair. Emma was so miserable the rest of the day, but my hair turned out cute!!

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