Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poor Little Emmers...

Emma was admitted to McKay Dee Hospital with RSV. This little girl is such a trooper. She had RSV last year, but not bad enough to be admitted. This year, however, was a different story. She started to get sick on Sunday and just went down hill fast. I wasn't going to take her the doctor because I know nasty stuff is going around that they can't do anything for. On Tuesday, I felt a strong prompting to call the doctor's office. They had us come right over and we were there for two hours before they decided she needed to go to the hospital to have her breathing monitored overnight. The doctor said that Emma was trying so hard to breath and taking such fast deep breaths, that she could crash at any time and needed to be watched. They wanted us to take an ambulance to the hospital because it was just me and Emma, and the doctor didn't even want her alone in the back seat in her carseat. Since we live so close to the doctor's office though, I called Marcus and told him to get to the doctor's office so we could ride down together and I would sit in the back with Emma.

They had her on oxygen at the doctor's office. She looks so little and fragile.

The whole time Emma was so nice and cooperative. She let them poke and prod her and just sat there. We got to the hospital and all that quickly changed. I think she had had enough. Anyone would come near her and she would freak. It is the worst thing in the world to have to help them hold your baby down while they do terrible things to her, and the whole time she is looking at me like "why are you letting them do this to me?" They did lots of tests and took a chest x-ray. She ended up testing positive for RSV. So Marcus and I stayed the night at the hospital with her. I maybe slept an hour total. With the nurses coming in all the time, Emma's machines beeping and going off when her breathing rates would go too low and the oh so comfy bed I had; it was a long night.

We were lucky enough to only have to stay until Wednesday afternoon. Emma improved quickly and we promised to return if anything changed. She is 95% better. We are still battling the nasty nose and cough. Until those are cleared up, we are pretty much confined to the house. She can be contagious up to 21 days after she got sick. We haven't done much lately. Emma was nice enough to pass it on to me and Marcus. Isn't she great?!

The doctor said she has asthma (Christian was also just diagnosed with asthma last month too) and we are still giving her liquid steroids for her lungs. (which she HATES!) She finally has her energy back and is back to terrorizing the house and getting into trouble. I don't like it when any of my babies are sick. I am so glad she is feeling better.

She was feeling pretty miserable on Tuesday. She would just lay there and be mad that she couldn't get down and run around.

By Wednesday afternoon, she was feeling much better and just wanted out and down. She had an IV in and a pulse/ox monitor on her toe so she was pretty much confined to her bed. They look more like cages then cribs. She hated the sides being up.

Christian came to the hospital once with me and we made him wear this mask. We are watching him very closely since he still gets his seizures with fevers. He kept saying he was the doctor.

Emma got to ride in a wagon on the way to the car. She thought it was pretty cool.

Now that she has been dramatized by the hospital visit, she gets really clingy when unfamiliar people are around and runs when she sees the medicine syringe. Hopefully it doesn't last long. She is one tough cookie.


Lisa (aka: The Cool Chick) said...

Poor baby! My daughter got RSV when she was 4 months old. She was hospitalized and had all that done. Its so hard to see them going through that. She actually ended up with asthma due to the RSV. It caused scar tissue on her lungs, but as she got bigger she out grew it.

I know all about sleeping on those crappy chair/beds. I was at Primary Children's all last week and I am not sure my hips are ever going to recover.

Glad to hear she is on the mend and I hope that Christian doesnt get sick.

Laura said...

Poor little thing! RSV is such a crappy virus, and the worse part (like you said) is you can't do much about it! I'm glad she is on the mend!

Whit said...

I hope that your little one gets better soon. It's so hard and heartbreaking when they are so sick.

Amy said...

I feel for you and your poor baby girl. That is the worst feeling in the world and you do feel so helpless. I am just glad she is better!