Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wouldn't It Be Refreshing?

On tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy, there was a patient who had a brain tumor. This wasn't just a brain tumor, this particular tumor made him say exactly what he thought. It didn't matter if it was rude, vulgar, or just plain wrong, he would say it. He would speak the truth and say exactly what he thought. For one day, I would love to be this brain tumor guy. I could say things that I would never normally say. I could tell people exactly how I felt with no fear of what would happen. I could say exactly what I thought and wouldn't have to feel bad about it. I worry far too much about hurting others feelings. For one day to be able to just spew out anything and everything would be so refreshing. Granted, the brain tumor guy died while McDreamy was operating on him, but still, one day of verbal diarrhea would be nice.

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Kim said...

Oh man, wouldn't it though?