Sunday, September 17, 2006

Oh What A Night!!

Just when I start to complain that my life is boring....I end up eating my own words. Last night Marcus and I went to a football game in Logan and watched the Utes slaughter USU. We took Christian to Grammy Jean's while we went to the game. I had a surprisingly good time watching the game and would be willing to even go again. After the game we stopped by Marcus' mom's house to pick up Christian and for Marcus to fix her computer. Christian was acting completely fine-playing and getting into everything. Marcus was on the couch with him tickling and playing with him and Christian started to cry. He wouldn't stand up or calm down and then Marcus noticed that his eyes had rolled up into the back of his head. Christian started to have a seizure. He had one back in May and it scared me to death; this one was no different expect for thankfully I wasn't alone this time. After the shaking stopped we thought it was over, but then Christian stopped breathing. It wasn't for long, but it was long enough to make my world stop. I honestly thought I was watching my baby die in his daddy's arms. We were getting ready to give him CPR (thankfully Grammy Jean is a nurse) when he started to take short shallow breaths. It seemed like it took forever to get the ambulance there and for the EMTs to take over. They took me and Christian in the ambulance to the hospital and Marcus followed in the van. I can now say I am an official mommy; I have had Christian's pee on me, his poop on me, and last night, he threw up all over the both of us in the ambulance. To spare everyone all the medical mumbo jumbo they did when we arrived at the hospital and as my mom would say "to make a long story short", Christian is okay and they think the seizure was brought on by his fever....Which we didn't even know he had since it was so minor. The doctor said to expect him to have seizures when he gets a fever until he is about five or six. I thought I was a paranoid freak before, you just wait and see how bad I get now. I will now not leave the house without a GOOD, WORKING thermometer and baby tylenol. I will also be freaked out to leave him with anyone other than Marcus. So I take back what I said about my life...I would much rather have a boring life then to relive an experience like last night.

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Kim said...

That was just as scary and sad to read as it was hearing it the first time. Poor little guy.