Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Why 9 Inch Cankles?

I have had several people want to know why I gave my blog the name of "9 Inch Cankles". There isn't much behind it other than my husband thinking he is pretty funny. About a month ago, Marcus and I decided we wanted to start being healthier then we currently were. We each set a goal and if we met it by Dec.1, we each got a reward. My reward was money to go shopping. I will do whatever it takes to go shopping. In order to set my individual goals, I measured parts of my body where I would like to see weight disappear. I made some comment about having cankles. (If anyone does not know what a cankle is, it is when your calf and foot meet with out much change.) I have never really been over weight or unhealthy; I am just blessed with thick ankles. So we measured my ankles and Marcus' ankles, and yes, mine were bigger...9 inches around. Then later on, Marcus made some crack to my sister about how I should maybe join a support group about my cankles and it could be called 9 inch (Like I said earlier, HE thinks he's funny...I never said I did.) I had been thinking about doing a blog for awhile and thought it would be unique to make that my name, so I did....I wish there was a cooler story behind it. But I am very glad that Marcus and I have started to be healthy. It isn't a diet we are doing, it's a complete lifestyle change. (Especially for me) I have never had to watch what I eat or really even cared. I will be the first to admit that I am pretty vain; I won't leave the house without my hair or makeup done. I was starting to feel fat and ugly and needed a change. (We all have those days, right? RIGHT?!) I get tired of people who always complain about something that they are the only ones that can do anything about. I didn't want to become one of those people, so I decided to do something about it. Since we have started this, we both feel so much better. I have lost 9 pounds and two sizes since the beginning. Marcus said he didn't think I needed to lose anything, but he supports me in anything I do. It's much easier to eat healthier when you have someone to do it with. Now I feel better and just need to get off my lazy behind and exercise...I just love my sleep too much!

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