Friday, September 15, 2006

It's Sad...Really

The other day I put Christian in a pair of pants that ended up looking more like capris, and boys just shouldn't do capris. So I decided that it was time to go through his closet and put some clothes into storage for possible use later. It was really sad. We all ready missed out on the first year of his life, and now he thinks he needs to keep growing. I know that we brought Christian home when we did for a reason, but when I really think about everything we missed, it breaks my heart. His first smile, his first tooth, the first time he crawled or rolled over...all the little things that add up to great big things. All the milestones we have experienced with him have been incredible, but I still can't help but feel a little empty. I think I treasure every cute thing he does and every "1st" more then most parents do with their own children because of that. But to have to admit he is growing up as quickly as he is really I am going into denial. He is still my baby...I just have to find a way to convince Christian of that.

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