Friday, September 22, 2006

I Love "Happy Thursday"!!

My husband is wonderful!! He has started his own little holiday just for me. The first Thursday in September is "Happy Thursday". This started three years ago with a simple phone call. He was at work and I was home not having a very great day. He told me I needed to come to the mall (where our restaurant is) as soon as I could. I got there and Marcus gave me a gift certificate to get a manicure and a pedicure. I love things like that!! He also gave me a Happy Thursday card; he got a Happy Birthday card and crossed out Birthday and put Thursday. I thought it was just a nice thing he had done for me and never thought he would think of it again. I was wrong. Last year, he gave me a laptop. It is my favorite present he has ever given me (other then my ring) and I use it ALL the time. Then this year, he gave me another great gift. He gave me a gift bag that was full of FUN stuff. There were chocolate covered strawberries (even though I am trying to give up sugar), a gift card to Old Navy and my favorite gift this Happy Thursday was the Season 2 DVD set of Grey's Anatomy. Happy Thursday is better than my birthday or Christmas. It is just a nice, little thing he does just for me just because. He spoils me on all the holidays and every day in between, but Happy Thursday is my favorite.


Me said...

You forgot the new weed eater spool!!!

Monica said...

LOL! Duh, how could I have forgotten that?! That blew the lap top and the Grey's DVDs out of the water!!