Friday, August 01, 2008

Slacker Mommy...

My mommy is a slacker. I turned one on June 16 and had a great birthday party, and my mommy kept telling me she was going to post about it but never did. I decided if I wanted a record of my first birthday, I better write about it myself.

My mommy made me wear this outfit. (She thinks I am her doll, I think.) My party was all about cupcakes. The older kids decorated their own cupcakes with frosting, gummy bears, gumballs, cookies, and all sorts of other yummy goodies. But I got a whole cupcake cake all to myself. It was the most sugar I have ever eaten. Yummy!! Wasn't my cake cute? My mommy made it for me and I really enjoyed it.

I got a lot of really good presents. But my favorite present:

Tissue Paper!!!!

I got other neat presents too, but I wanted to play with the flowers...they were so pretty and colorful.

I had a great time at my party. My mommy worries about silly things, but everything turned out perfectly.

My mommy thinks I am growing up too fast. She still remembers the day I was born and the first couple days after I came home. She wants me to stay a baby forever, but I am ready to grow up. I was walking when I was eleven months old and saying lots and lots of words. I finally say "mama" now; I don't call mommy a dodo anymore. I am a very big momma's girl, but I don't think she minds. I like to play on the stairs and try to eat toilet paper. Mommy tries to stop me, but that doesn't stop me from trying. I will only give hugs and kisses when I want to. If you ask me and I don't want to do it, i will say uh-uh and push you away. I am a very sassy little girl, but I am so cute I get away with it.

I better give my mommy's computer back and get back in bed. It's way past my bedtime.


LostinPlaceKim said...

Please put her in a box, poke a few breathing holes in it, and ship her to me. You can come too, if you must. She is so stinking CUTE!

Savannah said...

How absolutely positively superifically darling! I think you should write a children's book too, p.s.