Thursday, July 31, 2008

PSS: Opening Pandora's Box...

"We all have our pet peeves that drive us nuts.. give us a few of yours".

People who laugh at their own jokes. Unless it's me, and in that case I am laughing to remind you to laugh.

When the garbage can is full, STOP PUTTING GARBAGE IN IT!! Geez Louise! Are we trying to build the next Tower of Babel? Seriously, am I the only one who can take it outside? It is a fairly simple task. I will gladly show you how to do it. Maybe draw up some diagrams and flow charts to help you figure it out.

People who think there is a difference between your adopted kids and your biological kids. I have both, there is no difference. I know. You don't have both. You don't know. You speak out of ignorance and stupidity. Mostly stupidity.

People who check the dryer when it is running to see if the clothes are dry and if the clothes aren't dry they don't restart it. How are they ever suppose to get dry?

Cleavage sweat.

Big, nasty, almost ready to pop zits. Just squeeze the sucker all ready. I like to pop zits, and they don't have to be mine. There is something so gross yet satisfying to see those suckers pop.

Marcus reading my blog posts over my shoulder while I am typing them. hint...hint.

People who think I don't have a real job. I personally handle all the administrative work for a corporation that will easily gross over a million dollars this year. That is a real job. Just because I can do it in my underwear if I so choose doesn't mean it's not real.

Cats. I don't mind cats in general, but they have some characteristics that I find down right disturbing. People who let their cats climb all over the counters and then prepare their food on the same counter. Gross! Why is it that there is a rule that you can only have two dogs but you can have all the cats you want? Gross, hairy critters.

People who screw with my closet. I have certain spaces between each hanger, all white hangers and my clothes sorted a certain way. Don't move a short sleeve shirt from it's home and put it with my sweaters. I'll know. Don't move any of my hangers...even an inch. I will be like the Princess and the Pea and I'll know there is something wrong.

Employees who forget to clock in or out and then complain to me when their paychecks aren't right.

Judgmental people.

Electric guitar solos.

People who make fun of where I come from. There is nothing wrong with Vernal.

People from Vernal.

Ungrateful people.

Being compared to other people.

People who don't use blinkers or won't let others merge. Be nice. Arrive Alive.

People who judge a whole group based on the actions of one person.


Smearing peoples' names to make yourself look better. People who run for office do this all the time. It drives me crazy. I won't vote for you if you have to put others down or dig up dirt on others to make yourself feel or look better. (Go Obama!)

People who can't let past mistakes go. Stop living in the past and move on.

People who think their opinions are the only right ones. Agree to disagree is what I say.

People who ramble on and on about all the things that bother them. Shut the freak up already, no body cares.

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Amy said...

Oh man, that was funny! Why didn't I think of cleavage sweat?! And to add on to your dryer peeve, how about when they open it, check clothes, find out they are dry, then close it and restart it hoping someone else will get them out???