Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Clearing Out the Cobwebs in my Brain...

*Just a few years ago, Marcus and I had only one business and two children every other week. Life was easy. I only worked three days a week and the other two week days were mine to do what I wanted to do. Our house was spotless. Our yard was perfect. We had a garden. The raspberry plants were trimmed. Life was simple. Fast forward less then three years later--We now have three businesses and four children. Life is anything but easy. I never get a day off and rarely get to do what I want to do. The house is a disaster. Our yard is a mess. We have a garden...a weed garden that is. The raspberry plants are taking over our backyard. Life is busy and stressful and exhausting...but I wouldn't have it any other way.

*I think something really bad happened today. It's something I will never know for sure, but I think I do know. It could be heart breaking if I think too much about it, so I chose not to...but I don't know if that is healthy either. I know everything happens for a reason and sometimes the things that do happen don't make sense for along time...but I also don't have the time or energy to try to look at the big picture right now. Things will be okay in time regardless if this did or did not happen.

*We have been cleaning/organizing/remodeling our house for almost a month. I am exhausted. We still aren't done. We are trying to get lots of projects and such done before Marcus goes in for surgery. After his surgery, he'll be out of commission for awhile. Life will be great...I'll want my mommy.

*I am four or five weeks behind on my PSS topics. I fear I am turning into Shane....oops!! I'll answer them all...eventually.

*Next time I buy make-up, I want to get the kind that I don't have to read directions and watch a dvd on how to apply it...maybe that's why I look so scary lately.

*Christian goes to his first day of preschool on Wednesday. It's a Parents' Day. We get to go with him for his first day and then his first official day of school is on Monday. Can you say "Mommy issues"?

*Where has the summer gone? It seems like just yesterday it had started, not it's all gone. I need to post some pictures and stories of our summer activities. We had lots of fun.

*I haven't written anything about Marcus' surgery until the post with the link to the news. I need to write about this whole journey, but I am not ready yet. We meet with the surgeon tomorrow. It's really happening...it's not a what if or a maybe anymore. My husband is going to save Juan's life. It's been an incredible experience and journey for all of us.

*I'm exhausted. Must sleep...possibly right where I am because walking upstairs may require too much energy.

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Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

You sure are busy! Amidst all of your hustling, I'm glad you had time to make me some sweet cards for the Happy Everything Swap. Thank you! :)
Kindly, Jessica