Thursday, August 21, 2008

PSS: Top Five Books...

Four questions ago, my sister asked us to give our top five books, good or bad...they just had to have left an impact on your life.

I used to read smart books when I was in high school and college. Than I got out of school and now I just read stupid stuff. I hope I can even think of five.

1. I know I have mentioned it before, and I know I have been laughed at about it before, but the Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room would be on my list. While I was going through my stuff in the basement, I actually found my copy of this book and was so excited!!! The labeled boxes. The peg board. It's all so wonderful!!

2. The Book of Mormon. I need to read this more. Life functions better when I read this more often.

3. 1984. This book was messed up. I remember staying up the night before my AP English book report on this book was do. I was up until almost 4 am and then at school by 8. It was great.

4. Love You Forever. This book used to make me bawl every time I would read it. Then Christian had me read this book EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for forever. I can still get teary eyed occasionally.

5. Where the Red Fern Grows. It's been years and years since I read this book, but I still remember the emotion that came with it.

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