Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mother Knows Best...

I'm a giver. I enjoy sharing and giving others what I have. (unless it's dessert...touch it and you'll be sorry) I had a really bad cold this weekend that left me miserable. Being the selfless person I am, I decided to share this with Emma. On Monday she started out the day with a running nose. I knew she had my cold, and figured it was just that. She got progressively worse as the day went on and by last night wasn't sounding very good or acting like she was feeling very well. I called her pediatrician's office and they wanted to see her since she was under one. We woke up this morning and she was doing better so I wasn't going to take her in. I knew that the doctor would just tell me to give her plenty of fluids and call him if it got worse. And we don't currently have insurance because self employment and insurance don't go together very well. I debated for an hour whether to take her or not. My gut instinct kept telling me to take her in.

Thank goodness for mother's instinct. Emma has RSV and some other thing I can't say or spell...broncho something. In lame man's terms, her lungs sound like crap basically. They took her oxygen level and she was only a few points away from needing to be hospitalized. We have to give her breathing treatments every four hours that she completely hates. We had to get a nebulizer from a local company and without insurance, it was going to be a huge chunk of change directly out of our pocket. The doctor went out of his way to help us out. They were going to actually let us borrow one of their nebulizers so we didn't have to pay. But the nurse called the company and they had an old one they just sold us for $25! I love our pediatrician's office!! We have to watch her very closely and take her right in if she gets worse. She is all raspy and nasty sounding. The only good thing about her being sick is she is so cuddly. She never cuddles unless she is sleeping. I am milking this for all it's worth. Even though she is so sick, she is still pretty happy. She smiled at the doctor and he was impressed she was smiling for being so sick. She isn't eating or nursing and just wants to be held most of them time. The doctor also said that it looks like she could be developing an ear infection as well. Poor little girl. So we are pretty much stuck in the house until we go back to the doctor on Monday. That should be fun. Time to go torture her some more; she HATES the treatments but whatever it takes to make her feel better. Without chasing her away from the stairs, I don't get my daily exercise done. Let's hope she gets better quickly!!

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