Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Project Say Something

My sister and some of her friends have a question/answer thing going on called Project Say Something. Each week, one of them asks the others a question and they all post the answers to their own individual blogs. I was invited to join and thought it would be nice to actually have one reason once a week to post something. However, I do feel like I am ten years old again; wanting to hang out with my sister and all her friends but not being "cool" enough for her to want me around. So hopefully I don't embarrass her too bad and she doesn't regret asking me to do this.

As a welcome to the group, I had the opportunity to ask this week's question. I asked:

Other than having/raising children, what is one thing you can say you have done (or are doing) that will make the world a better place?

One would think I would chose my first question to be a good one that I would have a good reply to...that would mean I was smart....which we all know, I am not. I have been doing some thinking about things I have done in the past that I believe (or hope) would make a difference in the life of others and ultimately make the world a better place. The first thing that comes to mind is doing Sub for Santa this year for a family in Layton. A grandma who usually does Christmas for her four grandkids had a hard year last year and wasn't able to provide Christmas for her family, so Marcus and I did a Christmas for the family. It was a little hard buying presents for people that you didn't know hardly anything about, but when we dropped off the presents and saw how grateful and appreciative the family it was all worth it. I hope this is something we can do every year for a family.

I believe in the whole "pay it forward" thing or karma or whatever one wants to call it. If you do nice things for people, nice things will happen to you. (I'm looking past the fact that after we delivered the presents to the family, we got a flat tire at night in Dec. in Utah and we had to get out of the van so Marcus could change the tire and smart Jessi didn't wear a coat so I had to give up mine, Marcus was sick and miserable but still annoyingly chipper while laying on the freezing cold cement trying to get the spare tire down, and by the time we were done, Christian and Emma were both screaming hysterically...but good things will happen.) We get what we give. I need to give more.

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