Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday Confessional...


I confess:

*I know being a parent is hard work. It has it's ups and downs, good days and bad days. Twice today my Kindergartener has told me he wants a new mommy. Ouch. That one hurt. I take it a lot more personal from him because he is adopted and for some reason, that just cuts a little deeper. I know he doesn't mean it. I know he is just upset with me because I combed his hair before school (that's when he said it the first time) and I wouldn't let him have a snack while I was making dinner. (second time he said it.) He is growing up and learning how to deal (or not deal) with his feelings and disappointments. It still hurts when he says things like that. I am still the one he climbs in bed with every night and still the one he wants to snuggle with when he is upset. I can't be all that bad then right?

I confess:

*I am a paranoid, freakish person who has seen way too many episodes of Criminal Minds for my own good. I think everyone is going to kidnap me, torture me and then kill me. I hate being out alone at night. I just know that I am gong to cross paths with some psycho murderer. When I am walking to my car I carry my keys so one key is between each finger so I can poke your eyes out if you attack me. I am deathly afraid of parking garages. That's where the bad guys always seem to hang out. If I see a big van pass by slowly or parked next to me, I know there is a crazy lunatic in there too cuz that's the only type of vehicle they drive.

I confess:

*I feel so ungrateful. My husband finally started his job that we have been waiting on since December. That part is awesome. The not so awesome part is that I feel like everything else is falling on my shoulders to take care. All the stuff with the photography business that normally he would take care of is now my responsibility. Keeping up with the kids by myself is exhausting. AND...he does have some traveling with his new job. So that part will be awesome too. We have been wanting this financial stability for months. It finally starts to happen and I whine and moan and have a pity party for myself because I am feeling overwhelmed. Toughen up girl and deal with it. Geez!! Be grateful your husband now has a job and the job that you have allows extreme flexibility and not a lot of work for decent money. Okay, that description of my job makes it sound like I am a stripper. No stripping here...unless you are into a 30 something woman, who has given birth and still not gotten her pre-baby body back yet but does have a nasty question mark shaped scar from kidney surgery on her stomach who also won't get naked unless the lights are out. If that sounds good to you, then hey, you never know what could happen.

I confess:

*I'm addicted to my cell phone. We are talking down right ridiculously obsessed. I'm outside jumping on the trampoline with the kids today playing Words with Friends and checking Facebook. Put down the phone Monica and step away. I need to be on the show on A and E called Intervention. I need to start spending time away from my phone. We are growing too close.

I confess:

*Speaking of jumping on the trampoline, ever since I gave birth, I hate jumping on the trampoline. I'm sure if you have given birth before, you know why. TMI?

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Debra said...

I am the same way, with your confession about thinking somebody is going to jump out a grab you. I am also convinced that I am going to accidentally stumble onto a dead body somewhere, I definitely watch too much NCIS.

J FAM Blog for the Soul said...

I'm ultra paranoid about things like that...but I more worry about my kids getting kidnapped by some lunatic or me dying or something like that and leaving them alone..usually stuff that ends up making me cry or not want to go out into sunlight.....I do go into sunlight though..I have to get over that paranoia...I say it's best to be prepared....than not know what's going on! But I SOOOO am the same with Big vans! If it's not a company van why on earth would someone need that much space?? LOL......

Laura@livingabigstory said...

I'll leave a mini-confession on your blog ... when Goldie used to say she wanted a new mommy, I'd pick up the phone and ask who she wanted me to call. Freaked her out like crazy.

I confess I'm a mean mommy with no heart :)

(Good luck with your hub's new job -- you're night crazy to be struggling with the change, even if you've been praying for the job. It's hard being a SAHM!)

Amberly Adventures said...

I'm not so scared of people jumping out and grabbing me, if I was I wouldn't get anything done.

But, I will say I'm afraid of jumping on a trampoline and not for the reason you are.

I'm just afraid. Afraid I'll fall and break something, or bust through the mesh, or jump up really high and somehow miss and end up on the ground.

I'm sure I'd kill myself.

Have a great weekend!

Annette said...

Phew! I thought I was the only one paranoid about getting kidnapped and whatnot! I refuse to go out at night if hubby doesn't go with me; I also carry my keys like that, even in broad daylight in the Wal-Mart parking lot (which makes sense because have you seen the weirdos at Wal-Mart?).

Love your confession; you had me LOL'ing at the stripper comment!

Have a great weekend!

Etosia (e-tasha) said...

my little cousin is going through that same stage and recently told my aunt that she should divorce his father and marry clint eastwood so he could have a better dad!

I am also addicted to my iphone. I probably check facebook, blogger and gmail every 20 minutes. I need to delete all those apps and leave it on the charger.

I totally relate on the jumping issue!!!!

VandyJ said...

You never know what some guy's fantasy might be--a 30 year old body with scars and everything might be right up his alley. Still stripping sounds like a lot more work than it looks like. Me, I'll stick to my day job. Falling asleep on the stage is so not sexy.

Kimi said...

Ohhhh do I know what you mean about your cell phone. I was basically having an affair with my Blackberry. Tragically it died a few weeks ago and I have been stuck with an old phone. I have to text in T9. I have no mobile email. I'm basically living in the stone age.

Vivian said...

First of all you are an awesome mommy for adopting in the first place. All kids are going to say stuff like that. When hes older he will love you even more for choosing to take him in and love him!! I was adopted :)

I am the same way about being paranoid. I have to have my keys ready even if its in the parking lot of Wal-mart! I always look for the exits just in case of fire or a gunman comes in! SERIOUSLY..

We just moved to Houston from a small town in Missouri and lots of things have changed for us. I have to do more stuff for the kids.. like walk one to school...etc. I love that he has a job that he loves and the money is good! But I still wine too!! :)

I check my mail and Facebook on my phone way to much... and my mail.. and play Angy Birds... oh look.. the laundry is piling up.. dang.

LMAO.. about the trampoline.. I would give myself a black eye or pee myself. Yeah.. I've had four kids. Things are all messed up in there.

Enjoyed reading your Confessions!

Rachel Murphy said...

soooo with you on Criminal Minds... don't know why I am so hooked on that show. It all scares me to death but it is so interesting how they catch the bad guys. But I HATE parking garages. Even in the day ... and at night FORGET ABOUT IT! I don't care who or what I am not going in there.

Kim said...

Dear, sweet, psycho sister: Until you do the run and jump on your bed at night after you've turned off your light like a freaking six year old, you are not paranoid enough :P (Shut up, I haven't done it in the past few weeks. I finally put the books away and I'm getting better again :P)

Amy said...

Being a parent is hard, no matter what. My kids tell me I am the best mom ever when they get what they want and they want a new mom when they dont' get their way. It comes with the territory I guess.
It will get better.

I am sooo afraid to be at home alone lately too. I love horror movies, but won't watch them alone. Can we say chicken?

Cell phone addictions are are just like me, SEE?

Anonymous said...

I am so with you on Criminal Minds, after I watch the show I get freaked out. The one with the taxi cab seriously freaked me out.

Shell said...

Oh, I'm totally paranoid at night or anytime I'm alone. The key thing? Yup, I do that, too.

Bridget said...

My son has said that to me before, too, and it does hurt pretty bad.

I hate being by myself at night, and I've never watched Criminal Minds.

Loved your confessions this week! :)

Leslie said...

I loved your confessional. It made me want to write me own... (translation: you inspired me!)

I loved your honesty too. Great post. I will have to read the other Friday confessionals!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

My daughter isn't adopted, but has requested a new family on numerous occasions.
I'm also paranoid about stuff like that. I also have issues at night. I sleep next to my phone. If I hear any strange noise I am wide awake for hours.

roseylittlethings said...

I can relate to it ALL... my 4 year old son has told me MANY times he hATES ME. usually this doesn't happen until they are teens... alas, he has 2 teen sisters who hate me daily! Cell phone addict here too!!!