Monday, March 07, 2011

Christian's Jazz Basketball Birthday Party...

My wonderful little boy turned six in January and wanted a basketball party. We had it at the church since it is freezing cold here and we don't have a basketball hoop. (As long as we are in the house we are in, we won't have a hoop. Our driveway is slanted and I see had things happening with a basketball hoop outside on it.)
A big gym where there was plenty of room to run and be maniacs was perfect. I didn't decorate a whole lot, just a few signs, streamers and balloons.

We had hot dogs and kool aid...

and we rented a cotton candy machine. It was a HUGE hit with the kids!!

My attempt at basketball cupcakes. I think this is my last attempt at making the kids' cakes. They never turn out and I'm never happy with them. That's what the grocery store bakery is for, right?!

Cracker jacks were the thank you's.
We invited A LOT of kids, but I didn't think they would all come. All but one of the kids came...leaving us with about 20 kids. It was insane!!!

I was worried about not having enough things to do and that there were too many kids, but by the look on this little boy's face, it was all good.

I think next year we will cut the list of kids in half and only have the party last an hour and a half. Lots of kids meant a lot of presents. It took a while to open all of them and by the end most of the kids, including the birthday boy himself, were ready to be done with the presents.

It was a good party and the kids had a lot of fun.
Now I need to start thinking of ideas for Emma's 4th birthday party in June. She has changed her mind half a dozen times on what kind of party she wants. Ask her right now and I guarantee she will say a Justin Bieber party...that'll be fun!!

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Grammy Goodwill said...

What a great idea to have a basketball party inside! I bet the kids had a great time. I would have liked the cotton candy machine myself. I think you did fine with the cupcakes, too. Fun party.

Kim said...

Grocery store bakery? GROCERY STORE BAKERY???? How dare you!!!!? What am I, chopped liver?? And by the next time you do one, I'll even be "officially educate." So if you don't at least ASK me before defaulting to your grocery store bakery, well, let's just say, golf tees are NOT hard to find, young lady.

Though I may have to draw the line at Justin Bieber :P

Valerie said...

How cute! I'm sure he loved it all. (Found you on MMB)