Friday, April 08, 2011

Friday Confessional...


I confess:

We are heading out the door to go to Las Vegas. (as in right now. like I should be packing and loading the car but i'm here blogging instead. priorities, you know?) I don't want to go to Vegas...the drive is like 6 hours long. That means I have to talk to Marcus for six hours...oh wait! No I don't. I have the first book of The Hunger Games to keep me entertained. I am going to be in the same city as an H & M and I don't get to go....This whole we need to feed our children and pay our bills and not go shopping is a bunch of garbage if you ask me. Being responsible is so over rated.

I confess:

My parents are staying at our house with the two little ones while we are gone. I'm a little worried. I think sometimes my mom forgets she raised five of her own and then three grand kids for awhile too. She obviously did an okay job; I turned out fine. The jury is still out on the other four kids. My mom just worries about EVERYTHING!! What can they eat? What if this happens? What if that happens? Calm down woman! They are just kids; they can be scary but they are harmless.

I confess:

I am looking forward to a weekend with no kids and no responsibilities. Vegas isn't my idea of a dream vacation, but it'll do for this weekend. What I wouldn't give right now to be somewhere on a warm beach, laying in the sun, reading and eating lots of yummy food. It's spring break this week for the kids and it has been snowing since yesterday. The kids have been stuck in the house and are going crazy. I am so over all this snow and cold weather.

All right. Gotta hit the road. Have a great weekend. I actually have some ideas for blog posts next week that don't center around my wardrobe or my confessionals...I seem to only do link ups lately. Something original is long over do.


Leslie said...

Monica, originality is cool...but please don't give up the confessionals, I love them! said...

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Brynn said...

I think you just might inspire me to get out of PJ's! You are one hot momma and you look so cute! Ok..I'm also a little jealous :)