Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Poor Thing...

While I was at my mom's house this weekend, I found some pictures she had stored away in a box of me growing up.

Everyone says that Emma is a spitting image of me and my response is always, "Poor Thing!!"

Now I have proof as to why I say that. Let me present the evidence:

Exhibit A1:

This is Emma December 2009. She was 2 years old in this picture.

Exhibit A2:

This is me when I was probably around the same age.

At this young age, it's okay that we look a like. We are both cute, blond little girls.
It's the later years that make me feel sorry for Emma looking so much like me.

This brings me to Exhibit B:

Is this REALLY what she has to look forward to?? Really?! The poor girl!! I have no idea what has happened here. I seem to have a growth on my head. Let's never speak of this again, mmmkay!!!

Exhibit C:

This was my 7th grade picture. Not too bad other than the bushy eyebrows and gnarly teeth. I have the Utah claw thing going on with the bangs, but over all not that bad. But then....

Exhibit D:

(Yes, I know it's crooked..too lazy to fix it.)

What in the world happened in Junior High? And why on earth are my glasses SOOO large?! Seriously! They cover half my face. My eyes had a hard time seeing; not my cheeks!! And to top off the great picture, there is serious glass glare on my bushy eyebrows! Note to photographers: there is a way not to get glass glare, Genius!!

So, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, with the evidence that has been shown before you today, I feel like you can completely understand why when people say Emma looks just like me, I say, "Poor thing." And I think you can see it now too.

The defense rests.


purseblogger said...

You crack me up! Your pics are cute. :) My 7th grade pic will never be shown, ever. Yes, it's just that bad.

Crystal Escobar said...

Oh my gosh you totally look the same.
You are so funny. Love the pics. We all have the awkward stage pics that we look back at and laugh. I should post some on my blog sometime. It's pretty funny :)

Morgan -Ing said...

Jr. High school pictures should be outlawed. My 7th grade one is so sad that I think it should be burned! My mother disagrees!

Julie said...

I had some glasses like that too. Oh dear. You present a very funny case, but, your daughter is adorable. No worries about her future. :)

Gina said...

In all fairness, I think most of what you're upset about are all things that were fads and styles: the eyebrows, the glasses, the hair, the clothes. Don't worry, the cute is under there, it's just buried by too-big hair, and too-big hair can be avoided :)

Roxie said...

But those were good looks back then! We thought we were stylin'! And we were too.

Patty Ann said...

I am so laughing!! My youngest daughter looks exactly like her older brother (who is about 18 years older than her). When we put their pictures side by side, the only difference is the hair! Poor thing!!