Friday, March 11, 2011

The Beginning of Spring Cleaning...

I use to be completely and totally obsessed, borderline OCD about keeping my house perfect. Eight years of marriage and two kids later, a lot has changed. I've gotten lazy. Or I've gotten more realistic more likely. I've relaxed a lot...sometimes too much. (Don't go near my laundry room right now. The laundry monster that keeps reproducing more laundry might get you. I wish I was as fertile as it is.) Anywho...I've let my house get unorganized and crazy. I crave organization and cleanliness and schedules. I've been so out of whack and out of control lately with all the (insert bad word of choice here) I have had to deal with lately. I went to make a grocery list the other day and snapped. I gutted my kitchen and cleaned, I mean REALLY cleaned it. When I get in this "mood" as my husband calls it, nothing else matters. It took me two days to completely clean the kitchen and of course I didn't take any before or during pictures. Bet your sweet booty I have the good after pics though.

When I cleaned out my pantry, this was all the expired food that was in there. Yum! Yum!

I still don't like the way my pantry is organized. Someday I want a pantry that looks like this. LoVe it!! Until then, we have this:

Threw away all the left overs that never get eaten but continue to get put in the fridge.

A few of the cupboards after they were cleaned out and a box was filled with stuff to donate.

I like to pretend I cook a lot with all those cookbooks. I'm actually in a slump. We have like 10 meals that we rotate among. I need to find new recipes. You would think with all the books I have, we would have a different meal every day and never repeat. Again, I'm too lazy right now, I guess.

This is the cupboard above the the computer desk in the kitchen. It has never really been functional, more like a gathering place for the whole family's junk. Maybe now with a little organization, life can take a short break from being so hectic. Or I can pretend anyway...

I have put some filing folders on the side of the fridge so I can organize things as soon as they come in. The kitchen is the dumping ground for everyone so I am willing to try anything. Five minutes after the kitchen is clean, it's trashed again.

My kitchen hasn't been redone since we built our house and since I am broke, I can't do anything about it. I "shopped" my house and re-arranged the top of the cupboards. I took most of the sunflower stuff down. Once I have a little extra money, I have ideas of what I want to do.

A clean kitchen.

Let's see how long it stays clean.

This is our front room, sitting room, boring room, formal room...whatever you call it. I have such plans for this room!! I'm getting rid of the couch. (Hate it!) I want to paint some dark brown in there and finally get curtains up. Once again, when I have extra money to throw around.

This is an area of my house that I have never done anything with. I don't know what TO DO with it. It's above the entry way and the outside wall of the master bedroom. It's a big, tall, bare wall. I need ideas.

Over at Organizing Junkie, Laura is doing a 52 week program to get your house organized. I'm just getting on board now so obviously I am a little behind. I'm anxious to get started on the rest of my house and clean clean clean!! (After I get done snuggling and watching movies with a sick little three year old that is.)


Emily said...

So impressed with your motivation! Love your kitchen... colors, decor... love all of it! As for your tall wall- think big vinyl! There are tons of sites out there with Big Vinyl sayings, monograms, etc. Start looking and you'll find something you love! Wish I had your motivation right now...

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Wow you are really organized!! Love your kitchen. I am new to your blog. Glad I found it!!

allysgrandma said...

Welome. You have a lovely home, really. I know this challenge will help you, or I hope so as it has helped me a lot!

Crystal Escobar said...

Wow, it all looks beautiful!!! What a cute house you have.