Saturday, November 15, 2008

PSS: Water Bra...Really?!

My sister got all caught up with the PSS that leaves me and Shane. It's not like I have to be up in five hours to get ready for a photo shoot or anything, but I am going to get completely caught up...for now.

Tell us about the very FIRST time you saw and/or talked to your current significant other.

The first time I saw Marcus was at AOL where he used to work with my sister. It was probably eight or nine years ago. I had to drop something off to my sister at work and Marcus was sitting at her desk talking with her. I think we exchanged the typical "nice to meet you" mumbo jumbo and then I left. That was that. He was married. I had a boyfriend. He was my sister's friend..whatever. Turns out after I left, my chest became the topic of conversation. For some reason, my brother in law has always given my crap about having a small would he know unless he's looking right? Anyway, my sister and Marcus had talked about water bras at some point in time and my sister mentioned that I wore one. (Thanks Kim for revealing that.) After I left AOL, Marcus made some crack about how he didn't think I needed one. Or something. I really don't remember all the details. I never thought all these years later he would still be following me around and trying to cop a feel whenever possible.

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