Monday, November 17, 2008

Halloween Pics...

Here's a rundown of our Halloween...yes, I know it is closer to Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll have Thanksgiving pictures up before Valentine's!!

We were enjoying cookies before we got dressed to go Trunk or Treating. They were very yummy.

Christian took this picture of me and Emma. My outfit was as festive as I got this year. Hot huh?!

Christian's class had a party a few days before Halloween that I got to stay and help with. They had a parade, made spiders and treat bags and played some fun games.

We went to a Black Islands Farm and had lots of fun. There were games, slides, corn mazes and pumpkin patch.

Before Halloween my sister was out here with her little girl. We dressed the kids up so we could get some good pictures of them in their costumes.

Madeleine the Bee.

Favorite picture!

The night of Halloween we went to the church for chili/soup and trunk or treating. Jessi and Taylor went off with their friends, Marcus handed out candy from our trunk and I took the little ones around to get candy. It only took Emma one or two stops before she realized what the big deal was. She couldn't just take one or two pieces from the bowls, she had to grab a handful. That's my girl!

Family picture before we left to go to the church. I was making yummy cornbread for the dinner while Marcus was snapping pics.
Taylor was a starlet...I think.

Jessi was a princess of some sort.

Christian the cowboy.

Emma the butterfly.

After the trunk or treating, Marcus took Taylor, one of her friends and Christian trick or treating to a few houses. Emma was in between sleeping and being extremely grumpy. Jessi went trick or treating with some friends..which included boys, and Marcus and I thought they needed an adult with them since there were boys with them. I ended up going with them and actually had a good time. They were some funny kids. I'm glad Jessi felt comfortable asking me to go with them. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't go out with Christian and watch him go to some doors. I made Marcus take them to Savannah's house so she could see how cute they look. They didn't go out very long but had a lot of fun. Halloween was a lot of fun...but we have too much candy left over. Want any?

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